Month: July 2013

Latin Vetus

It must be affirmed, however, that she is well more delayed of what that African, ‘ ‘ qui latinizzazione della Chiesa was solecita stata there molto certain Che verse finishes del there II sc. there language ufficiale della comunit was there Latin. For the argument that interests in them, beginning of the literary activity in this language can be presumption as the cause of the translation of the Greek of the Sacred Writing, or perhaps only of the NT. The diverse forms of the Latin Vetus: ‘ ‘ Latin the Vetus term is not mentioned to a complete translation only of the Bible, seno that assigns to the set of the previous translations to the Vulgata de Jernimo, this circulating Latin translation in Cartago since the year of 250, without if it knows documentation some certifying the existence of others in the remaining portion of the Christian world of expression latina’ ‘. Bibliographical references CATALBIANO, M. Litterarum Fire. Ambienti Culturali and Libri trai l IV and il V Secolo. In: Studia Epheremides Augustinianum 55, Rome, 1996.

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Then Peter

From to who asking for to you, and you do not turn aside yourself of that to want that you loan to it. You heard that it was said: You will love your next one, and you will hate your enemy. I, however say, you: You love your enemies, bendizei the ones curse that you, you make well to they hate that you, and pray for they maltreat that you they pursue and you; so that you are children of your Father who is in skies; Because it makes that its sun if raises on bad and good, and rain goes down on right and unjust. Therefore, if to love the ones love that you, that reward you will have? They also do not make the publicanos the same? E, if to greet solely your brothers, who you make of more? They also do not make the publicanos thus? (TM 5:38 – 47). It occurs that if the pardon lack hinders that our errors are ' ' quitados' ' in the eternity, we will be ahead of a situation without exit, therefore the wage of the sin is the death (Rm 6:23), partial total or, and the poison of the hatred inside of us will go, corroding our physical, emotional, psychological forces and spirituals. A VICIOUS CIRCLE OF DEFEATS SIN – PARDON LACK STOPS WITH THE OTHERS Then PARDON IMPOSSIBILITY THE HOLY GHOST ILLNESS – PHYSICAL DEATH DEATH SPIRITUAL In diverse chances, people had looked for to me trying to get a Biblical endorsement so that its pardon was ' ' condicional' ' , or with amount limits, but this is not the regraaceita of the Word: Then Peter, coming close itself to it, said: Sir, until how many times will sin my brother against me, and I will pardon to it? Up to seven? Jesus said to it: I do not say you that up to seven; but, up to seventy times seven.