Month: November 2013

European Social Forum

” The movement leaves renovado” , it affirmed Innocent Grzybowski, founder of the event that fully surpassed the participation of surpassed the previous and single years in 2005 in Porto Alegre (South of Brazil) For reaching better results, solutions, groups activists, as mention, they made a call to the mobilization. ” We are going to have to end of March a set of global mobilizations, two semanas” , it participated the Italian Rafaella Bolini, representative of the European Social Forum. The first great call will be the 28 of March in London, against the crisis and before the summit of the G20 that reunites to great industrialized and developing countries. But there will be others, in Istambul before the World-wide Forum of the Water, and in April with the celebration of the 60 years of NATO, and in July against the G8 (countries more industrialized and Russia), it explained. Doubtless, as it occurred and I pronounce myself, the indigenous towns were great protagonists of the Forum, that received 1,900 representatives whom they anywhere in the world summoned for the 12 of October a mobilization ” by the defense of the mother naturaleza”. ” Our participation in this forum has demonstrated that we are political actors, nonpart of the folklore, and are part of this process search of Another Posible” World; , motto of World-wide the Social Forum.

5,800 organizations participated in the Forum, between unions, social movements and NGO, with more than 2,300 debates, seminaries and conferences in five days of activities. The Forum considers a space that welcomes the NGO biennially planetary and it does not have own conclusions. The next World-wide Social Forum will be celebrated in 2011, in a place to define. Definitively, the experimented thing, living in this Forum, will have very to be taken into account by its organizers and to hierarchize those more determining problems in the present world and to undertake programs, actions that take passage to solutions that allow to guarantee results that favor to all what in them they are involved. One is due to structure suitably in order that the different problems are dealt with feasible contributions and once and for all corresponding organisms a commit themselves that the forums they provide proacativas answers and less figuration in activities than they do not favor the objective of to be tried topics, is due to know how to take the opportunity the meeting, using in time with factories, communications more proactive, than they provide replaced required. Already Hildebrando Vlez commented, that have been critics on the excessive use of this space for the exhibition, or the intellectual or political narcissism that impregnates to some actors or processes; although this tension stays present, nevertheless, the effort to orient the FSM of democratic and participating way pedagogically has not been unfruitful. We do not want that it is a space of exhibicionismo nor of narcissism of NGO, nor of politicians or intellectuals, but a space to construct fight and agreement and reflection, combat abilities for the mobilization against Capitalism, the neoliberalism, neocolonialism and the policies and institutions that they support to them.

Philosophical Imperialism

They are: Politician; Coercitive and Symbolic. I use myself of affirmation to the top, to defend that: the Globalization is a process whose beginning if it made very before the period defended for Thompson, and yes, with the Libraries of the Alexandraco Empire, in the Hellenistic expansion, the Philosophical Imperialism of the Greek Ideals. The Globalization also is characterized by the expansion of a culture, that reigns in territories that go beyond the territory that holds the responsible ones for the generation of this, submitting those that if becomes dependent of the dominant culture. 2. The Globalization of the Communication Even so the process of symbolic Internationalization has if originated the period of three enters the four a thousand years before Christ, with the Hellenistic Empire, this process was structuralized only in sc. XIX, and fixed, for its growth, in the entrance of sc.

XX. But during sc XX that the communication flow can be given of global form, and be penetrated to the social life. Sc. XX he was palco of extraordinary ploriferaes of new canals of diffusion of Information. The sprouting of systems of transmission of electronic information opened, quickly, the doors for nets of Global communication. It was with the sprouting of these connections, produced for the medias, that the conditions contemporaries of relations social, proportionate for the cancellation it space and it time, as consequence of the globalization, had been materialize. ' ' If the Man is a suspended animal in teias of meanings that he himself weaveeed, as Geertz a time observed, then the medias are wheels to weave in modern world e, when using these ways, the human beings manufacture teias of meanings for itself exactly. ' ' (1998, p.19) With the development of the communication structures, next to the evolution of the global society contemporary, had been attributed to the commercial system, characteristics that had transformed the informative ends into lucrative ends, fruit of a capitalist ideology.