Month: May 2014


For the majority of computer users, JavScript is a strange jargon. The majority of the people, except for professional programmers know little about this language. In essence, JavScript is a language commonly used on Web sites Web development. Popular among non-programmers by their nature easy operation, it allows scripts as well as access to objects embedded in other applications or Web sites. However, JavScript errors are also fairly common, in large part because many novice developers encoded in this Web language. But the terrible thing is that it can also be used to write adware and Spyware, making a path to the computer of the victim without that is account.

This in turn relatiniza the computer and can even cause it to crash, and we all know the big headache that that means. Errors most common JavScript are as follows: 1.-JavScript not enabled in browser 2.-the Web page has a JavScript 3.-El programming error browser is not compatible with the JavScript technology what we can do to deal with these problems? Of course, you can opt to inform developers about the problem and discuss in detail the error message that appears, but there is an alternative more easily at that. Simply clean the Windows registry and you will see that the problem will disappear. For those who don’t know, the Windows registry is a comprehensive internal database in which all the programs that used the system, including Windows itself, storing a large volume of data. So when is a change in the configuration of the control panel, file associations, system policies, or installed new software, the changes are reflected in the registry. So the record behaves how the system behaves, and failure to maintain the clean record, they will probably be JavScript errors.

Euroleague 2008 2009

The competition of basketball at the level of most important clubs in Europe has begun, 24 European clubs grouped into 4 groups will be measured between them to get to the Final Four in Berlin. The League more teams brings is the Spanish with five, followed by Italy with 4 and Adriatic leagues and Greek with 3 each. This year the competition changes its format and the regular season passes have 8 teams in three groups to 6 teams in four groups and qualify for the top16 four teams instead of six. The top 16 continues as previous years, 4 teams per group, qualify for the playoffs the two best. The playoffs also undergoes changes and go to compete to the best of five games instead of the best-to three parties. Barcelona, Madrid, Siena, Tau Vitoria, Panathinaikos, Olympiacos, CSKA and Maccabi are the maximum Favorites to go to Berlin, a step below we find Unicaja, DKV Joventut, Zalguiris and Efes Pilsen.

Other teams will try to prove that they are worthy of achieving at least one place in the playoffs. The maximum expectation at the beginning of the competition have been the Olympiacos, thanks to its signing star from the Atlanta Hawks, Josh Childress, in addition to signing Theodoros Papaloukas of CSKA Moscow and Nicola Vujcic of Maccabi Tel Aviv, demonstrating the economic power of this club. Other signings interesting a priori have been carried out by Panathinaikos signing Nikola Pekovic, player who outperformed last year in the ranks of Partizan Belgrade, the signings of Andersen and Navarro from Memphis and CSKA Moscow respectively to Barcelona, from Massey signed to Aris by Madrid, Carlos Arroyo left Orlando to play with Maccabi Tel Aviv and Planic that changes the city of Vitoria by the Moscow. Apart from the already mentioned Josh Childress, Carlos Arroyo and Navarro, also have decided to change aires and go in the NBA to the Euroleague, the following players: Andre Barrett applicable of the Los Angeles Clippers to the Barcelona, Casey Jacobsen of the Membhis Berlin, and Primoz Brezec of the Toronto to Rome. As data curios Brandom Jennings has decided to go play with the Rome instead of playing his university stage.