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A conception of man, in which body and mind closely mesh then contain the teachings of L. Ron of Hubbard’s Dianetics was referring only to the mind. It was regarded as a means to relieve the individual from mental trauma or rescue. L. Ron Hubbard but continued his research. In the early 1950s, he entered with his discovery in the spiritual realm.

That was the time when he found out that the man is an immortal being, the life of countless lives and transcends the physical dimensions. Thus the mind is conceived in Scientology similar to a computer – but with two main areas: the analytical mind and the so-called reactive mind. The analytical mind in a way represents the intelligence. It is a healthy force representing the perception Center of the person (“self”). This means the analysis is similar to a processor that works with perceptions (stimuli incoming from the outside world) as well as with the imagination and memories, in the so-called “Standard memory banks” are included. From birth to death, in the guards in the sleeping state, information is transmitted from the different senses this memory, which kept it completely in chronological order in various “archives” and provides for the analytical mind. This mind works continuously.

Copies of the stored data to continuously it, the mind evaluates and compares, in order to provide the right answers to the problems confronting the person. Routine tasks such as running, to be able to perform without having useless information available, driving a car, etc. memory cued circuits set up, which control the acquired skills. In principle, the analytical mind is a kind of rational, correct “processor”, which produces no psychological or psychosomatic disorders. The aberrierte behavior occurs due to the reactive mind, which consists of a deposit of Engrammen. Engrammen it does not necessarily Memories, but rather complete records of all details of all perceptions, which receives the person during a painful moment of complete or partial loss of consciousness (such as fainting or anesthesia). After L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology religion in auditing (pastoral) used the skills of analytical mind, the reactive mind to relieve of the harmful Engrammen, which inhibit the capacity to regain the energy of the incarnate being (soul). Two things are achieved through auditing: 1) exploring the past makes the Member quickly clear that he is an omnipotent being inkarniertes, limited only by his human condition; (2) the extinction of engrams leads to the State of “Clear”. “Clarify” means someone (clear), wipe out his reactive mind. By getting rid of engrams, the spiritual essence is regenerated. This is reflected by an increased spiritual life force with a higher Survivability, a feeling of strength and energy, and better skills, which can be measured on a scale of emotion. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL.

Data Base Programming

CLASSIC DESIGN DATA FLOW DIAGRAM Before UML to be created (the current paradigm of diagrams to turn programming code) used for computer flow charts to visually represent the data flow through systems for information processing. They were the cominezos of Diagrams in Computer Science. The flow charts describe what operations and in what sequence are required to solve a problem dado.Un flowchart or organizational chart is a representation that illustrates the sequence of operations to be performed to achieve the solution of a flow chart problema.El Data (DFD) is one of the most important tools used by systems analysts. The use of data flow diagrams as a modeling tool was popuralizado by De Marco (1978) and Gane and Sarson (1979), through its structured methodologies for systems analysis. They suggested that the data flow diagram is used as a first tool for analysts to model system components system. These components are the system processes the data used by these processes, external entity that interacts with the system and information flows of the system.

Now describe each of the four parties that form a DFD a) – The processes are what makes the system. Each process has one or more data inputs and produces one or more data outputs. Are represented by circles. b) – A file or data warehouse is a repository of data. Processes can enter or retrieve them.

Each data store is represented by a thin line and has a unique name. c) – External entities outside the system, but they provide or use data from it. They are entities over which the designer has no control. d) – And the most important are the data flows that model the movement of information in the system and are represented by lines connecting the components. The flow direction is indicated by an arrow, and the line with the name of the data flow. It must be recognized that the classical charts and was a bit DFD abstract, and thank goodness for the good of the designers that evolved in a more clear and concise so you do not give errors when translated to a programming language. As a preview to the next type of diagrams tell you what are called Entity-Relationship Model and is what is being used now to design applications, also known as ER diagrams, and was a key concept when it comes to appear 'Classes' and' objects' but all I'll leave this breakthrough for a next installment.

Russian Realty

With the constant development of the Internet and its accessibility to the course became a reality a set of wonderful opportunities. Although not entirely just because of the global network largely was simplified our life, because an important role in the carry out various web portals that directly and to form a worldwide network of Internet. Today, absolutely anyone say that directly interested Smolensk real estate, looking for a topical web site has the ability to solve virtually all of the personal dilemmas emerging from buying and selling and possibly renting. Definitely so if interested all sorts of real estate in Smolensk, the word on to choose an apartment or offer commercial premises, should only use the services of a special Internet portal. Thus emerged the possibility acquainted with the various existing ads, and actually if necessary to issue his own.

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Cape San Antonio

The largest island of the Cuban archipelago is only in popular speech. When you need more details are specified in the Isle of Youth or the rest of the archipelago. Let's turn to make a brief presentation of each of the islands and then details about them, always taking as reference the main island of Cuba. On the north coast islands are located in Los Colorados and the Sabana-Camaguey, the west first and the second toward the central portion. On the south coast towards the eastern central part, is the Queen's Gardens, while to the area is located southwest of Canarreos. The latter is the more important because it is the second most important island of Cuba, the Isle of Youth, formerly known as Isla de Pinos.

Perform a circumnavigation (journey) for the entire coastline of our country, from west to east. First on the north coast and then in the south. Archipelago de Los Colorados. It is located on the first section of the north coast of Cuba. Also called Guaniguanico and Santa Isabel. It is located west of Cuba, covering the northwest coast of the province. It is the smallest, the least important and least extensive of the four Cuban archipelago, with no more than 80 keys. It is necessary to clarify that only the Caribbean small islands are called keys. This archipelago is not a compact group, but its keys are divided into two subgroups: one to the west, near Cape San Antonio (the westernmost point of Cuba) and known as Keys Firewood, while the remainder is a contiguous string of keys near the shore, visible from their small mangrove forests.

3GSM World Mobile Congress Barcelona 2010

Information on the World Mobile Congress 2010 in Barcelona of the 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 15 to 18 held. This being Barcelona the Centre for hundreds of telecommunications and industry experts. Notable discounts and promotions can Congress visitors during this time within the entire city are business thanks to pass Barcelona. In some cases, you can save up to 50%. In addition, there are numerous offers for hotels in Barcelona, but also for apartments in Barcelona, as well as flights to Barcelona can stay in the Mediterranean metropolis financially appealing. Barcelona is a Centre for culture and style and a pioneer in terms of design, culture and innovation – and is still the city preserves its beauty and historic splendour.

Its geographical location and economic position makes it a perfect place to achieve international experts and leading companies. Barcelona is also the gateway to Europe, the second-largest marketplace in the world. Barcelona is therefore a great city, to present the world new ideas and new design studies. At the Congress, a Conference, an exhibition with more than 1300 companies will be presenting their latest and most innovative products. “Also is an award ceremony” held in the best mobile design “will be awarded. In addition, the 3GSM offers the possibility to expand important business relationships. Approx.

47000 experts from all corners of the world, 182 countries to be exact, are expected. All those will come to see how the mobile technologies in the future will develop. Press representatives for each area of mobile technologies are expected to 2400 to report by this Congress. Those who have become exhibitor at the 3GSM, do this for many reasons: it is a lucrative way to increase the customer base and arranging new business relationships. Also, it is a good way to make a name for the end-users and the mobile radio experts. Specially for new company it is a chance to take a look into the future, to take advantage of the latest developments. Also at the World Congress is a so-called app planet”, devoted to the future of mobile technologies, applications”. This entire sector will gather at the Congress to present the latest and best innovations of the mobile technology of the world. There are so-called app conferences”and exhibitions are held. In addition, the Congress offers the opportunity to mingle with people and to get into the conversation with telecommunications experts. Not only an advantage, but also a great help for Web developers and suppliers might have to gain insight into this industry. This Congress is a must-have”for all those who want to become to the experts of the mobile technology. There will be many opportunities to philosophize with experts about the future of this industry.