Month: January 2019

Economic Openness

Maicao's story and the book have something similar: both have been issued a death certificate without the patient has given up the ghost. The book came up several times but always overcame and survived. A Maicao believed he sentenced to death in 1983 when the bolivar Venezuelan currency that was made much of the local market sales fell from $ 16 to $ 5. And he returned to predict its demise in the 90s when the country entered the era of economic openness. And he again said its early extinction in the early twenty-first century when they became more stringent measures to control the entry and sale of foreign goods. Despite predictions of observers reserved the patient shows signs of life: children have a smile on your face, young people view the future with determination and traders have begun to reorient their activities. For some time the trade was no longer the thriving and prosperous business of previous years. The people now live less lucrative business, but living decently.

Some cultivated in cotton, others are betting on farming, other transportation or sale of petrol …. But no resignation to live. Many were, certainly, but others remained and are the majority. In times of bonanza Maicao had people with one foot here and one who knows where. These were people who did not see the city as a living areas but a place to do business i accumulate capital. That is, a place to spend some time but not all l life.

Today he is here is here and the city lngra rid of the stigma of having "a large floating population" false argument with which he negargn resources for their development. Children born in the 90 well-repudiation be called the Children of Crisis. His parents will tell you that a few years ago there was ena economic boom and it produced absurd profits. The boys then rightly ask what did they do that much money? Without waiting a response that no one can give long will their way and facing the sun on their faces show a gesture where you can read the phrase "does not die Maicao, Gentlemen" is a renowned Colombian journalist and writer, linked as a teacher several Colombian universities. He is the author of four books and co-author of three others that address the topic of leadership, ethics and Human Development. It is often invited as a speaker at conferences, forums and other academic events. Contact him through the cell corrreo or call her at 300 8055526. Visit his page.


I know how to make wealth. He is something easy. I have the formula to obtain it. One or two is steps and ready. You will be Rico. This is the absolute truth. Purchase Real estate, of preference in zones with the greater capital gain.

To leave passes a year at least and immediately to sell. You would win, in cold numbers, around a 15% and until a 20%. There are no tricks. He is Real! Very well, to only verify that I explained myself I will detail, it by means of an example: If purchases, for this practical case, 3 buildings of approximately $500.000,00 (Mx weights), each, you would be investing an amount near $1.500.000,00 And so after a year, calculating a percentage average of 17%, you would gain $255.000,00 Increasing your capital to $1.755.000,00 However, what would seem to you that the following year you invested solely in 2 buildings? That is to say, $877.500,00, each. And again after a year, you would obtain when selling them, a gain of 17%, translated in $298,350.00 Note that is $43,350 more than the operation of the previous year. That is to say, Gains of your Gains! This is something Real and any person can do it! Clear that, as you could appreciate, she requires of several requirements: Work.

(OK) Faith. (OK) Discipline. (OK) (That is to say, disposition to achieve your objectives) (OK) Ah, and $1.500.000,00 (- Ups! ) Apparently we did not detect a small disadvantage. One of four, is small! We do not own this amount to invest. At this moment we required a solution or options to make a decision. Several alternatives exist, one of them is to ask for a loan, or to a bank or an investor, to one appraises average of annual 20%. And so we would solve the problem, nevertheless, remembering the example, if we would obtain a gain of 17% and on the other hand we paid 20%, I believe that no longer it agrees to our objective. Another solution is to ask to him a good friend who renders to us and in a year, without lack, we were pleased it.

Snowboarding Tips

Snowboarding has come a long way since when it first emerged as a winter sport in the 1920. The first snowboards were far from the sophisticated ones that we have today as they were made using boards from the sides of barrels. These plywood boards would be tied together using clothesline and people would keep their feet in place as they flew down the hills with horse reigns. Snowboarding did not emerge into the national spotlight until the 1970 and 80. Cheap NFL Jerseys new equipment was developed to try to make the sport Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys On Sale more popular. The sport really took shape in 1998 when it landed to place in the Winter Olympics. Many people enjoy participating in snowboarding on winter vacations and Cheap NFL Jerseys you can too by following these simple tips. It takes a lot of practice to really master the art of snowboarding so do not be concerned if you are not flying down the slopes right away.

Make sure that you emphasize safety at all times and know what you are capable of doing. Get into shape. Before you decide to snap on a snowboard make sure that you are physically fit. Riding down the slopes all day can really take it out of someone, so it is important to understand how demanding the sport is. Take lessons. If you are just beginning it is a good idea to take a lesson first to learn the basics from an experienced instructor.

There are group and individual lessons available, so you can even get some friends together and try snowboarding out together. Play it safe. It is important for you to understand that when you start out you will not be flying around like the professional athletes. After you become experienced enough if you desire to attempt jumps, then make sure you learn the proper technique first to avoid injuries.