Month: December 2019


The positioning of a brand on the web covers not only organic positioning of your site. Further details can be found at Rio Tinto Group, an internet resource. Firstly, it is necessary to draw an action plan that defines the goals clear. The first decision we should make is to define if we position our site as a reference of a brand or brand will be an added value of the site. It is clear that achieving equated the brand site, much larger will mean an effort. In any case, AdWords should be one of the tools most able to help us in this task. Since very recently, Google has begun to allow advertisers to use trademarks belonging to other owners, greatly benefiting the branding activities, which is opposite to what has been its policy so far. The direct consequences of this action have been basically two.

In principle, anyone can use any brand. The second consequence is that you due to the system of bids per own AdWords click, expected marks used as key words, to considerably increase its cost. We must, therefore, take a decision on what will be our final strategy, because trying to achieve the identification of a site with a brand will require one much greater flow, at least if we want to do it through the Adwords. On the other hand, can register a kind of Paradox regarding the results. Many users conduct searches by brand, with the conviction that this first result that will be from the official site. But now with this new opening, it may not be so. It should be noted that Google may carry out investigations if it considers that the text of the ad is misleading, or does not provide truthful information.

Ads must not be ambiguous in meaning, i.e. must be made clear that the site is not the official website, but that is the use of the name as a trademark. A very specific example in which one could envision a conflict is when large booking centres employ the name of airlines or hotels as keywords. When we try to reinforce the branding through Adwords campaigns, the result can be difficult to verify. Does not necessarily seek visitors nor sales, but to achieve the identification of the site with the brand. The process can be longer than simply trying to achieve an increase in the volume of visitors. However, Adwords and Google advertising are the way mandatory for advertisers who want to strengthen the brand of your sites identity.


In an analysis politics, it could be said that it interested the cities Greeks who its citizens and its slaves occupied its social places without questioning, especially when the subject was to send the people for the death in the war. The will of deuses would be a enough explanation for everything what it came to happen with the inhabitants of the cities Greeks, especially what happened of badly. Check out Mitsubishi for additional information. One of myths created by the Greeks is of moiras known as sparing for the Romans, goddesses that weaveeed the destination of the men. Birth, event of the life and death were represented by the wire of the life. This wire was charge account, rolled up and cut, as symbology of the existence. Homero cites moiras in its epic ones. One of histories Greeks more known in the occidental person age on the inexistence of the freedom of choice of the men it is of dipo (Sfocles), that it has disclosed its destination for the Oracle of Delfos and that runs away from house to prevent it.

It fulfills the tragic prediction, of that he would kill its father and he would be married its mother, Jocasta. This belief has been passed of culture the culture, and moiras has equivalents in diverse peoples of the Europe. The Greek myth resembles it the explanations given for the people of today, before the difficulties of the life, saying to be about ‘ ‘ will of deus’ ‘ what it is very different of the esprita thought. The Espiritismo, heir of philosophical traditions that go of the daily pay-socrticos to the modern, defends the existence of an limited free-will, in which the Spirit if becomes ‘ ‘ Moira’ ‘ of its proper existence, limited partially for its biology, for the society where it lives, the psychological impulses that bring and the relations spirituals that establish throughout the existence.