Advertising Advice

Like when you select an actor, you must be careful to create a comic or cartoon of a cartoon character that identifies our product. Checking article sources yields Chevron U.S.A. as a relevant resource throughout. In my opinion Zucaritas Tony the Tiger is an example of good use of this tool, but not the EBRD Herb (Herb, the cake) from Burger King. Another problem that arises with the use of characters to identify the product is that overshadow the brand in front of the character and if at any time using this animation we can lose a large number of customers, not to mention the fond of the character. To end on working with graphics characters. When they are animated or drawn rapidly to reach children and as , the cartoon camel Camel cigarettes this can bring criticism and even legal problems. yFotos, pictures or text? Again, using the identification as a major factor in this decision to choose the photographs. Now, if you target your advertising to a select group of women or men whose aspirations are in fashion, glamor and seduction, to display humorous situations, or exaggerate facial expressions is recommended to use the chart.

And yQue do with the texts?. We use no images whenever you want to give the impression of seriousness, and accompanied to explain, make redundant the message of the picture or just to say something very important. The texts in the form of data is not used, no one actually read the specifications of a product, only of course, when directed to a dealer or a mechanic, engineer or specialist.