Joacir Soares d' Abadia* meets a summary of all Here the lessons of the course of Theology of disciplines ' ' Social doctrine of the Igreja' ' (DSI) that it was given from ' ' seminrio' ' displayed for the pupils with the direction of the Professor Priest Pablo Borges Baptist. At the beginning of the course the professor passed a film of Darcy Ribeiro, which turned regarding the cultures that had influenced the Brazilian etnia. The subjects well had been varied. However, always giving emphasis in what it is peculiar of the Social Doctrine of the Church. The subjects meet at the beginning of each statement together with the day of its presentation. Then, what it is followed is a reflection in summary form. Of form that, the abrangncia was limited for the fact of being a summary, in which they will only count the ideas most excellent.

Set of documents ' ' The Brasileiro&#039 People; ' of anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro (04/08/2009 – 25/08/2009) the development of the Brazilian culture In the set of documents ' ' the people brasileiro' ' based in the Workmanship of Darcy Ribeiro, explana regarding the development of the Brazilian culture. Leaving since the conquest on the part of Portugal, passing for different the cultural one that had influenced this people until culminating with the current days of the author. At the beginning of the set of documents &#039 is announced that; ' nobody knows as the cinquenta will be daqui anos' '. Since the things are in constant changes. It is through this fact if it can affirm that before exactly of Brazil to be conquered by Portugal it already existed. Not while Brazil, but as one ' ' nao' ' constituted of some aboriginal tribes. The indians said that the purpose of the life was, before any another thing, life. They, to live, had that to construct everything how much related search for the survival.

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