Beginning Society

It has been spoken much on the lack and lost of values in the present society, unfortunately all we are guilty in it with our attitudes. To the family it is considered him like the nucleus of the society, and is in her where life occurs and it trains the new citizens who took their rolls within the society. When we spoke of dishonest people, perhaps corrupt, generally of all those that break with the harmony and the respect of their resemblances, we would have to be asked in which it leaves from its life beginning with that type of attitudes to behave this way, perhaps was in the labor atmosphere, where it is now that until being able to make agile a step ” derecho” of a process, it must require of some ” propina” fomenting therefore the corruption. Perhaps it was during its academic formation, where it discovered and vainly one was convinced that with the law of the minimum effort it could leave ahead, without mattering nor measuring the consequences that it could bring in its personal life. But sad and the complex thing, would be to discover that the origin of all this was during its childhood, in its home, where one assumes must of having tolerance, justice, love, respect, pardon, commitment, etc., values and virtues that each and every one of the members that integrate that family experiment live and share mutually. Perhaps all this has remained in an accumulation of good intentions more not of action, because as all we know an action says more than thousand words.

Paradoxicalally the new generations of children are arriving more and more open at the application of the technology and more and more an impressive Light culture, where doubtless it looks for to obtain a greater satisfaction. It is here where the families become accomplices not to foment in them the experience of universal values in them, because so it seems as if they were outside context in our present society. It is worth the pain to reflect as our attitudes perceive the children, because of this perception that have they of us, they formed his personality and character whom they developed in in the future not very distant society and but we are giving good examples towards them, no it would want to imagine to me as it would be the world during some years. I judge, we even are in time to straighten the way, or to reinforce the step, conscious that an education based on values and action will only allow us to obtain the society that all we want.