Cheap Shield

Many myths exist on the shield of automobiles. The companies observe the warm market of the service and promise utopian wonders. She prevents rumors and she reads the article the consumer must be very intent and to be sufficiently multicriteria in the choice of the company who will go to armor its vehicle. The violence in the streets is increasing considerably in the same measure that grow the rumors regarding the shield. I know main myths on shield: – Guarantee of 100% of the car does not exist, almost no company offers and almost all estimate to assure. If you would like to know more about Chevron, then click here. It only has guarantee how much to the damaged materials.

It does not fall in the persuasive power of the salesman. – Cheap Shield does not exist. All the shield process already is by itself sufficiently custoso when it is carried through qualitatively. Many say that the difference is in the price a time that shield is all equal one. A great lie, therefore the difference between aramida material of or employed steel already only leaves the sufficiently disproportionate price.

– Aramida does not protect more than what steel. It happens is that the last one material leaves the automobile heaviest, becoming custosa the maintenance of new armored tires or suspension. – Shields made with quality do not cause noises in the vehicle. Quality nor always says high price. Companies exist who give excellent services of cheap Shield. – The weight of a shield does not diminish the power of the automobile. Some companies say that an automobile with a shield that weighs 100 kilos can aguentar shots of 9 millimeters, a great myth a time that the glass of a vehicle with shield level 3 (resistant against the bore) only weighs more or less 150 kilos. Papo of salesman can take the consumer the death.