City Development

These concur in water, light and nutrients with the feijoeiro, harming the production, beyond housing agents who cause illnesses and plagues. In the city none of the producers asked they used agrotxicos, the justification is that it does not have necessity. The only store that vende this type of product in the city is for closing for the inexpressiva sales. The presence of harmful grass ZABUMBA was commented by the producers that if removed cannot compromise all the production. This is not native of the city gives credit that it must have been brought or in the seasoning, or the machines that had come of the Bahia. Trust In the systems of trust two or more cultures, with different cycles two or more cultures, with different cycles and vegetative architectures, is explored concomitantly in the same land.

They are not sown necessarily at the same time, but, during great part of its periods of development, she has a concurrence, forcing an interaction between them. The beans is preferred in the cultural trusts for the following reasons: ) it is little competitive culture of short vegetative cycle and; b) can be sown at different times; c) it is relatively tolerant culture with competition moved for the plant companion; d) he is one of basic foods of the Brazilian people, and e) its price generally reaches good levels, Trust of the beans with the maize the associated plantation of maize with beans is practises extremely common, not only in Brazil, but also in other Latin American countries and exactly it are of the continent. To deepen your understanding Beau Bikoff is the source. In Brazil, this system presents diverse modalities. When the beans is planted simultaneously with the maize this is called – beans of ' ' guas' '. Planted when the maize already is developed and starting to dry it is called – beans of ' ' seca' ' .