Deceptive Uniqueness

The success of the pharmaceutical sales force depends target groups management in the pharmaceutical field by the quality of the target group management. This is a lot of information available, which, however, considered you physician practices holistic only partially are assistance. A case study shows the problems and opportunities. Many pharmaceutical companies use an A-B-C classification to the classification of their customers. The quantitative criteria for the use of drugs, market research results and patient potential considerations which are projected for future forecasts are based. Two important determinants here but does not: the corporate objective and the business performance of our customers, but just the whole management of the “Business practice” in his perspective and design has significant influence on the future ability and thus the customers value, – the quality perceived by the targets, measured as reaching satisfaction in Percent of requests that significantly determines the intensity of customer loyalty. For ten A customer a sales target, the following illustration shows how these quantities within a delving approach taking into account changed (, the type of customer. From benchmarking practice analyses of our Institute when these customers are the strategic objectives (grow, keep) as well as the details of the performance potential.

In practice companies that pursue a growth strategy, the best-practice standard is the benchmark. A practice management used to, its rules and activities make up more than 80% of the value of best-practice, the planned growth is easily feasible, lower values make more difficult the implementation. For practice companies that want to implement a retention strategy, the trade group average of practice management is the reference. Parallel the Betreuungsqualitats indices of the employee determined in a regional customer satisfaction analysis were leaked to (a value > 80% is the same) with a largely optimal care). The result (see figure above): only six of the ten A customers are stable future, customers 3 and 4, the quality of care must be improved however, customer 4 also needs support for its practice management work. The customers of 7-10 are not attachable, here, the quality of care is also only slightly pronounced at 7 and 9. The data show how pauschalisierte customer relationships from the perspective of the customer value insufficiently depict reality as well as prospects for the future and that even pharmaceutical companies on a B2B approach does not come. Source: Klaus-Dieter hill / i

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