Earn Easy Money With A Blog And Live Like You Always Wanted

Today make easy money with a blog is a very simple and viable to start making money on the internet, that is why I decided to make this article which I will explain step by step how to make money with a Blog. 1) Think about the theme you want for your blog This is a very important step before starting to create a Blog. Can truly make a blog about anything, but for those looking to make money on the Internet Through a Blog it is instructive to choose themes “popular.” For example: Money, Cars, Health, etc … Once we have found a popular topic we please, we’re going to Google and search our subject, we should see some sponsored ads on Google, but not see them then think of another topic and repeat the process. Jeffrey Hayzlett insists that this is the case. 2) Think of a good domain name for your blog Blog name should be related to the subject covered in the same and to be short and attractive. For example, if the Health blog about the name could be or a treatise on business.

3) Make your ideas a reality is now time to think “platform” is that you will use. I recommend using Blogger or WordPress installed in a free server with PHP and MySql. With Blogger you can create a blog fairly quickly, making it quite convenient, but you will delete your blog in case you’ve missed in the least to their “Terms of Use.” 4) Think about how you’re going to monetize the blog This is a very important step, you have to do is to think that will make your main source of income. There are many ways to monetize a blog, the one I recommend is Adsense, but you can also generate income Through affiliate programs, selling ad space on your blog, or write reviews about other products. 5) Choosing a design for the blog is important not to stay with the default layouts that come with the Blog, and look for any design according to the subject concerned your Blog.

I recommend using simple designs, with white backgrounds, designs that highlight the content of the blog because in my experience is they who produce the most money. 6) Writing the first post The first post does not have to be long and elaborate. In fact all you need do now is write a short post introducing yourself and explaining the issues to be addressed in your Blog. After that I recommend posting at least one long post a week, and in no way to publish more than one post per day. 7) Placing advertising The advertising must be in the most visible places of our Blog, since it is using it to make money. The most visible places are always above the main content within the content principal under the main content and navigation bar. Advertising must be located in one of those places. 8) Revealing the Blog To Promote your Blog you have to do is send the URL to major search engines as they would be Yahoo, Google, or MSN. Then would recommended it to raise the visibility of the blog by putting a link to the right where possible.