Embroidery And Needlework

Currently, a well-deserved popular variety of needlework. One of the most common types of needlework, cross-stitch. When cross-stitch is most commonly used technique counted cross stitch. Counted Cross Stitch Technique involves the use of color charts and maps. This is a fairly simple technique of embroidery, embroider quite right amount of X's color specified in the scheme. Usually in sets for cross stitching There is a small color image of embroidery and black and white diagram on a sheet of A3 size or more sheets. Color to black and white scheme shown in the form of graphic symbols, decoding the symbol is defined in the instructions.

Each character corresponds to a certain number of sewing thread. As a rule, in the schemes of the numbers of flowers of several manufacturers of threads in order to be able to use thread floss available. Most schemes embroidery Cross used a color palette of DMC (France). A special place is occupied by machinery embroidery tapestry. This technique also has its many admirers. Gobelenovy seam easier than cross stitch, so the work run faster over time. In the kits for embroidery tapestry technique is usually used with a special fabric canvas is coated with a colored pattern. The traditional technique of needlework embroidery stitch.

For a long time used to trim a festive clothing and national costumes, making souvenirs. The most vivid and expressive works are obtained when the plant motifs, as this technique allows the transfer a sufficiently large number of colors. Embroidery more time-consuming compared with the technique of cross stitch and tapestry. Beadwork, is also quite popular. Through the use of beads of various shades You can not get a flat and three-dimensional embroidery. In almost all sets of icons used for embroidery is the technique of embroidery. Another technique of embroidery – embroidered silk ribbons. Embroidery technique uses multiple tape types of knots, proper use of which results in a striking combination of colors and size. Embroidery speed with this technique is quite high, due to the size of the tape. The article deals with only some kinds of embroidery, the most popular among needle women, but beyond that there are many other original techniques of embroidery.