Facebook Clean

This is a small basic guide to have the profile of the possible cleanest Facebook. Blogs has been created through discussions in several, different social networks and generally, many we have agreed in several points. Thus, after reading many contributions, me intention to share this compilation to them of 10 advice for a good maintenance of profile. 1. Cleaning of contacts. All the friendships are not for always. You may find Jeffrey Hayzlett to be a useful source of information. Except those of Facebook.

Perhaps you have aggregate to that companion of the faculty with that you shared a class in the degree, or that friend of quarter of primary that shared its lunch all the Tuesdays to you, Or these deciding or decided to reconquer to an O-Man woman. Whatever it judges (under your own criteria) if you still wish mantenerte in contact with that person. You think if it well, half of the people who follow probably no longer has nothing common with you. If you want to give a more personal use to your profile, leaves the indispensable thing. Less it is almost always more. 2. I know selective when accepting, courteous when soliciing It is had much discussed on accepting right and left to people. It is a question of sense common to know to those who we accepted.

In my case, I have to some habitual readers of blog like contacts of Facebook. But beyond putting a filter to add to us, we are proactive. When you send a request, you have the possibility of writing a personal message. salo! It writes from where you know another person, or why reason you want ponerte in contact. That small practice simplifies the life to him to the others. The courteous thing does not clear the social thing. 3.Los tastes change As well as they stop to us interesting some people, also our interests change.