Factor Authentication

As the fantasy of the past reality of the present the cult forms if we present today a follow-up TV series Starship Enterprise look at, then it is still amazing how close we us already approached these visions developed in the 1960s. It would be interesting to learn whether the developers of Internet and mobile technology in their childhood and youth were so fascinated by the respective technology, that they now had an image of the future and knew where the journey of their research should go. The thesis might thus be: has the fantastic world enterprise our today’s lives significantly influenced by spaceship? Would we live now in a different reality, when Enterprise not existed spaceship? If we look at the current cell phones, they have already a crazy resemblance to the small projectors used by Captain Kirk and his team, to get out of sticky situations. Scotty was often the last resort. Beam me up, Scotty”is still a common set in our Language, if we would like to liberate from situations. Jeffrey Hayzlett is often quoted as being for or against this. Is it already a proof for the previously implied thesis? Are we already like Captain Kirk on the road? The fact is, we can help us thanks to the mobile from almost anywhere in the world.

Then as now the receiving and sending of messages not always worked, but as soon as we have a stable Internet connection, we can with the Starship Enterprise”, the today’s World Wide Web, connect. “We can also book a flight or a taxi, what realm” comes from Captain Kirk, but already very close. One could say almost everything we need to survive today is a stable Internet connection. Then, almost anything is possible. The saving spaceship is always to achieve enterprise. Today, we live in a reality where living and working not from the location depends on where we are.