Gilson Square Mountain

The climate, in accordance with Koppen is climate AW, tropical with rains of summer and dry winters. 27 C presents annual average temperatures of 25, and an annual rainfall of approximately 1200 mm, being the period rainiest of December the March and the period of estiagem of June the October. The Memorare is characterized as a quarter and has as main activity, the retailing, mainly of foodstuffs. Another reference of this quarter is the localization of the Sacred College Heart of Jesus (Colleges of the Sisters), pertaining institution to the sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Also it is important reference Local unit of Health that takes care of a great parcel of the population of surrounding quarters.

The Gilson Square Mountain range and Hisses, object of study of this work, is located in front of related Unit of Health, with a 2.584 area of m2, in confluence with the streets: Jerumenha, Castle of the Piau, Engineer Stolen Miguel Bacelar and Miguel Alves. N 1,138 was instituted through the municipal decree, of 23 of August of 1988 (attached 01), in the administration of Mayor Wall Ferraz. 3.2 Collection of Data the data had been collected in the period of April the May of 2006 through specific fiches with the information to follow: date of the collection, name of the responsible one, name of the square, name of the quarter, vulgar and scientific name of the species, height of the plant in m, number of the register of the species, diameter of the pantry in m, visual value (0 = inexistent: 1= to regulate; 2 = good; 3 = bonanza), notes (of 0,0 the 10,0) (attached 2) and general data of the square (attached 3). How much the dimensions of the square had been gotten in I lease for one technician in constructions. They had been also, photographed critical points of the square and, finally interviews with technician of the Secretariat of Urban Development (SDU? Center North) and the coordinator of the Ambient Park of Teresina to get information regarding the history of the quarter and the construction of the square in study.