Industrial Progress

Of their beliefs and other issues in the same genre, are matters that deserve to be arduous and carried to a successful conclusion. It is a matter that can only translate in many books. And that other, is not the sole purpose of this work. Now if we compare the primitive man to us, we can find him. Thousands and thousands of handicaps facing us, as we compared them, we will be at a disadvantage. EXAMPLE: We need many tools to do things, they knew no other instrument than his body.

The strength and agility of our body is less compared to that of primitive man. Since by necessity had since childhood, exercise in the fatigue itself. They defended their lives, naked and unarmed. Your feet allowed them to reach bare long distances in very short time ties. Unlike us that one the same shoes often cause us harm. As if we brought the original animal to our time, would be mad and confused. And if it were possible to the child neglect and internaria flee into the jungles. Unlike us, they would not last a certain amount of time living in a dense jungle and covered by vast forests.

The knowledge, skills, beliefs and so on. Propelled machinery needs. For that reason lie, who say inequality born of natural law. Since wandering in the forests, without industry, without speech, without home, without wars and alliances, without any need for their peers and without any desire to harm them and even maybe even without knowing any individual, man wild, subject to few passions and self-reliance, had nothing but feelings and her own lights to his condition, he felt no more than their actual needs, not watched more than what thought of interest and intelligence to see no more progress toward their vanity.