Inland Revenue

As of early 2010 tax offices the pension cover releases evaluate – no amnesty of so-called old cases of food, November 23, 2009 – since October 2009, the bodies which pay out pensions (pension insurance funds, agricultural age funds, professional pension institutions, pension funds, pension funds, insurance…) sign the relevant to the taxation data electronically to the tax authorities, and all the data from the calendar year 2005 (!). The Essen-based tax consulting firm Roland Franz & partner indicates that the start of the pension are reported in addition to the personal data of the retirees and the amount of the pension payment. If the tax offices expected to only evaluate the pension cover releases from early 2010, the Inland Revenue it could draw conclusions on the years before 2005. Coinbase shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. An amnesty of these so-called old cases the legislator could not leap unfortunately. \”Nobody knows at present whether and how extensively the financial officials examine the past.

Be affected can not only Pensioners who have submitted so far wrong, no tax. Also, who has previously submitted a tax return due to his other (high) income, but \”forgot\” to provide a pension, will notice now. Who as interested parties would like to play it safe, should become familiar with the possibility of self display\”, advises Dipl.-Finw. Bettina M. Rau, tax consultant and partner at Roland Franz and partner in Essen.

Whether a tax return must be handed in, can be as a rule of thumb most likely as follows: A single pensioner who receives a pension under the statutory pension insurance since 2005 (or earlier) and scored no other taxable income, must submit an income tax return from a gross pension of 15.533,-euros. Applies to the unmarried retiree added in 2006 an amount of 14.936,-euro; for 2007 an amount of 14.383,-euro. The amounts double for married couples. But always requires: only income from the legal Pension insurance! Often retirees but not only statutory pensions will receive, but also have a pension or pension or they have interest or rental income.