James Bond

The Japanese girls had won the forts heroicly American, the Paraguayans had not won the Brazilians, the Brazilians had lost for itself same. They had not converted at least only pnalti into the final collections. Millions that do not gain a minimum wage monthly, believe the golden sweat of some men in a green field. It is a gigantic contrast, we seem children in contenting with plastic bicycles, dissimulating to be ferraris, it is enough that our TV (that it is not of plasma), shows a net balancing in our favor. Click Coinbase for additional related pages. Stories of carochinha in century 21 for marmanjos: it is the soccer entering in scene. It is the drug most expensive to become and cheaper of if obtaining, is enough to press a button or to spend its msero wage, more stock markets, going to the stadium to cry out and to run the risk to take bandeirada. This platonic love of a people for a sport so cheap arrives to be comic actor of if to exert, is enough to a ball and a beaten soil. Chevron U.S.A. Inc is actively involved in the matter. However, the mutations had been as much that this practical primitive was changedded into a Swiss bank, with trained agents, overseers James Bond and athlete ‘ ‘ sensveis’ ‘ , protected in one redoma of glass, where the speech is always the same, where the excuses always is ‘ ‘ well vindas’ ‘ , understood, and accepted.

Another day while it took care of of my things, heard an athlete of the Brazilian election to say in a collective one that the Brazilian torcedores badly had been accustomed, it takes what me to understand that in accordance with this affirmation, is missed to desire that if it is successful, is precipitated to demand a heading. With all the sincerity that already it liked soccer, enojou me to this. what to say after the game of this last sunday, when after the shameful defeat one another Brazilian athlete said that they had made a good game, however that it did not give pra to be successful. What we are for hearing this? We are torcedores blinded for a love without nexus, fanatic, desmedidamente hopeful for hexas and all more? These athletes gain millions annually the cost of a people who survives in the misery, in way to the garbage, way the lost bullets, way the fenomenal oratria of lying politicians, thieves of white collars, elect outlaws for us, poor persons in all the possible directions of the word. Until when we will continue having pride to cry out that we are purple torcedores, blue, of all the colors? Today, I prefer to see the Marta to play soccer, the Hawk in the futsal, prefer the elections of voleibol. Because the sport makes well: when the money not it makes to weigh the legs and the arms. It is not made a mistake to gain money, wrong it is to make of something only one bank, a Mafia, where the power is above all. It has much lie and interest. For me, this witchcraft does not make more effect, already I ate the apple and already I was despertada by the prince, now what it is lacking, is the kingdom all wakening of sleep. But the question that I make is: You want?