Jim Rohn

We can have more of what we have achieved, because we can make us more than we are Jim Rohn makes not much heard for the first time the phrase: the only way that things will change, is that you change; Perhaps with other words, but the essence is as well. Some time later I read it later in the book the twelve pillars of Jim Rohn. The truth is that, for a long time the phrase didn’t make me much sense, to the point of resisting me that I had to change. OK, but I don’t need to change, if I am well. However, I then realized the truth in this, thanks to the reading and thought to the type of books that I chose to read. Many people constantly wonder why not get the results I want? Why my life is not rockets? Why does not reach the success that I hope in the business? Etc. The answer is found in the title of this article: because do not change.

Keeping proper proportions, is similar to the principle of alcoholics, who simply do not they can cure his illness, insofar as first not to recognize that they have it. So, a good start is to recognize that things change, we must change. Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expect different results. Albert Einstein the only way things can be replaced, is that you change. If you continue to live as they are now, you still have the same life that has. This is how operates.

Jim Rohn there are many things that change; prejudices, mistaken beliefs, bad habits, bad attitude, bad company, but mainly, we must change our thinking, in a way that you vision of who can become, how you can design the life you want and how to achieve it. For example, if what you want is more money, it changes what you do. I do not think that it is a simple process to change what has taken years to develop; insurance will take his time, but the reward has to be large. You think, if you continue living as usual, you’ll still having the same life that you have. You can begin to change your life, learning how to make money with AdSense. Converts into action the idea of change, and change your life and your career in a way that you’ve never even imagined.