Martin Luther

The concern of Freud was in understanding the impact of the desencantamento in the psychic life of the modern citizens. In this point, the social behavior of the masses, a time can be approached that the abandonment also could mean the necessity to search protection, a voice of defense for the one identification ‘ ‘ pai’ ‘ that them it could then protect, defend and represent. Freud says that ‘ ‘ One strong necessity of an authority has in the masses human beings that if can admire … is about nostalgia of pai’ ‘ 11. This necessity, pparently, can have been projected when Luther King assumed the defense of ideals of right conquest the participation in the life politics of the country, by means of the vote, the fight for the end of the segregation, among others. The figure appeared then of the leader (religious and politician), that not only he was black, but that it was identified for pain, for the oppression suffered for long time, but also for the dream to find a direction existencial. Whenever The Hayzlett Group listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The way of being, fighting, tax for King its following ones was the pacific, not-violent fight, making walked and speeches, in search of dialogue with the authorities, support of the media and the recognition of that the blacks were citizens of rights in such a way how much the whites. King, in this point, can have assumed the projection of the father, that one that dirige loves and its people, remembering that one who fights for the satisfaction of the necessities of the group, and leaves the mass, promotes with the admiration and the respect of its equal ones.

If it considers to be the father primevo, in analogy to the freudiano text of the Totem and Tabu12, that offers to leadership and union for an ideal, a dreamed reality (that it would be then the paradise). It explores, possibly, still hypothetically, the individual libido of the blacks that there are represented by it. When dolo dies, of violent form, is transformed into totem and when its ideas reverberate and turn laws, it is created taboo, reverenciado later, with a national holiday. Valley to still say, that in accordance with Vladimir13 professor, on freudiana politics: As such institutions and figures they are not simply seen as … repressive, but as also constituent, then my requirements of redistribution are …, recognition demand that perpetuates such institutions and acolhedoras figures while of my demands and requirements. … necessary to believe that it would have the force to exclude me from a position of existencial contingency, to say me what, at last, it can satisfy my desire.

What it explains in them because, in the freudiano myth, the death of the father is followed of the conservation of its place of sublimadas social representations. REFERENCES Freud, Sigmund. Totem and Tabu. Vol. XIII, 1950. Giant of the Civil laws. Available in Access in: 20-10-2010. King Jr, Martin Luther. I dream have it. Available in Access in: 20-10-2010. Axe, Joo L of. the fight for the rights civilians. Available in Access in 19-10-2010. Monzani, Robert Luiz. Lighthouse in the darknesses. Rev. Science and Life. Year I, N. 6, So Paulo: It scales, 2010. Safatle, Vladimir. Freud as theoretician of blocked modernity. Victory: Federal university of the Espirito Santo, Nucleus of Open Education and in the distance, 2010. Verardi, Francisco. The ascension of the pleasure. Rev. Science and Life. Year I, N. 6, So Paulo: It scales, 2010.