Mortgage Box

The mortgage is a contract by which a good guarantees the payment of a debt. The best-known mortgage is the mortgage that guarantees a mortgage loan to buy a House. Gain insight and clarity with Mining Company. In general, everything tends to go well while the holder of the mortgage loan complies with what has been agreed and carried the day payment according to the conditions agreed plans mortgage loan. However, sometimes a person’s personal situation can give an unexpected upset that did not by which his economic situation worsens and they increase their financial difficulties. You can not cope with the mortgage payments and this may be due to many circumstances, either because the debtor has lost his job and is unemployed, or that your business has not able to withstand the crisis and has not been forced to close his business, the rise in the euribor or any other circumstance that, as the above, beyond their control. In this case, the Bank or the box will attempt to recover the amount of debt guaranteed with the mortgage and after appropriate negotiations for amicable, between three and six months comes by his party to the execution of the mortgage at the courthouse after the presentation of the corresponding Executive demand. In any case, the non-payment of the mortgage is treated by each financial institution in a different way. In this situation, that options have if you can not pay the mortgage? One of the options, the most logical, is attempting to renegotiate the mortgage with the Bank or the box. One of the possibilities is to try to negotiate the introduction of a period of deficiency on the mortgage to stop paying part of it for a while and pay only interest. This way the Bank or box grants a period of economic relief to customer so you can solve the problem that prevents you from pay normally.