Mozhaisk District

Over time, rest in the vicinity of the capital is becoming more popular. This is due to the fact that the ecologically clean areas of Moscow region, located some distance away from the noise of towns, peaceful and quiet, get a new impetus for development. Excellent infrastructure and a large selection of houses and cottages gives the opportunity to rent a house or a villa in different sizes and on a variety of prices … In Moscow there is everything – from small cottages for 3-4 people to large cottage complexes with swimming pools and spacious loft. Until recently, Moscow was considered 'elite' place of hanging out here rested the political elite and very wealthy people from all over Russia.

In our Days – Moscow very versatile and convenient area. Policy organization dedicated to the provision of services rental cottages, changed for the better: cottages and villas have become more affordable, their choice increased to the limit. Now we can calm and not getting in debt, rent a cozy cottage modest (or the 'hacienda' – a term that came to us from the Soviet era) for a relaxing holiday with family and children. The younger generation in these lovely area is given special attention – a lot of wonderful places for games and various entertainment and educational facilities make our kids holiday incredibly interesting. Range of services is always happy Eye client. In Moscow the same set of them: here you can find great pools facilities, entertainment complexes, shops, rooms for billiards. If you want to shoot, then we can compete with friends in Strike and paintball.

If you are an avid athlete – at your disposal a large number of 'trenazherok' with excellent facilities, 'green' football fields with good grass and 'hard' streetball site … Do not forget to Moscow and motorsports enthusiasts – karting track is one of the best in the vicinity of Moscow. In different cities and towns of Moscow region there are many different museums and exhibition halls, which presents an authentic and contemporary art district. Here you can see a remarkable exhibition of folk embroidery (pgt.Sergievo). The main attractions near Moscow – the old manor. They survived a huge amount. These beautiful tourist attractions every year attract many tourists and connoisseurs of old Moscow. We recommend to visit Mozhaisk District (Borodino homestead and farmstead Gudkov), Kolomna district (Manor Liphart) Odintsovskiy (homestead society 'Salamander') and others. The abundance of ancient monasteries and churches interested in anyone who enjoys history. Rent a cottage or villa for rent can take a day or a longer period of time. Have a nice rest and leisure in one of the most unique and beautiful places of Russia!