Navy Crime Prevention

Spend a day or weekend on your boat is one of the pleasures most boaters wait all the time. Unfortunately, the marinas where vessels are stored are as susceptible to crime, our homes and workplaces, if not more. Learn more about this with Jeffrey Hayzlett. Criminals take advantage of two facts. (1) Many boats are left alone for days and weeks at a time and (2) where a hat heads in the water, criminals know they have more than enough time to steal his car parked. With that being said, it becomes important for boat owners to learn some common sense practices to maintain the property in their boats and their vehicles as safe as possible.

Here are five steps that boaters can take to help protect your property from crime. 1. Flag This is a deterrent and you will have a better chance to have your property returned if stolen. Etch or record an identification number, such as ship identification number that in all their valuables. This will enable authorities to locate lost or stolen items back to their ship. Also, join a crime prevention program, as is free, and you will receive a decal of the ship, including a warning to all would be responsible for preventing the vessel. Place this decal where it can be seen easily from the most common site of your boat is made from.

U.S. ship continues also offers small boat is U.S. warning stickers prominently put their heavy equipment. 2. The second record, record in detail all your valuable equipment.