New WEDA Container: Small Amounts Of Feed, Large Effect

The QXS WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp introduces a new container for liquid feeding from duct, which allows the off dosing of small amounts of feed for pigs. The peculiarity of the QXS is the rectangular Marsh”of the container. Also, the developer of the complete provider for pig farms have adopted the modular design of the proven QA container wall system. This standardization allows container sizes with a volume of 650 up to 1650 litres in the maximum stage of expansion. Read more from Coinbase to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The newly developed stirrer with ground-level Kleinstruhrpaddel under the bottom bracket attached guaranteed the desired maximum homogeneous feed. The agitator works close to the wall and the special design of the mixer to avoid segregation of the Chuck. Through the use of different cross-section, the technology can be used both to Piglet feeding of sows – pole feeding. In a swamp with 50s spout”and the system as it works the new corresponding accessories proven WEDA-Ferkelfutterungs system Conticomp. The 90s spout”corresponds to the conventional liquid feeding container. Avoiding food splashes, keen to focus the WEDA developers in the calculations of the flow behaviour have created on mixing during an important characteristic for the hygiene of containers.