North America

Both were developed from half-full aims of century XIX to of the years 30″ s. Tendencies existed another less shining than also architecture forms part of period of modern, and that was created in order to have greater harmony with world natural, as it is it the organic architecture, that had its maximum development enters years 1940 1950, some of his remarkable characteristics are: use of materials like the glass, wood, stone and steel, atmospheres of ample spaces, variable decoration of plants and natural fluids (to have a minimum environmental impact), varied forms, application of colors similar to its environment, among others; this type of constructions was realised mainly in nonurban areas. He is recommendable that the reader visualizes some modern architecture photos, so that he can compare the different expressions and their characteristics already mentioned, like: use of forms, colors, visible geometries, materials, verticallines, horizontal and inclined, among others. The great majority of the ideas of these architectonic expressions was not adopted by the postmodern architecture of our days, because they presented/displayed many contradictions in his structures. Although, the constructions that were realised in that period of time maintain in the time and are functional, the lack of some characteristics of I devise and ornament, demanded for the development of modern houses, it made a reframing total of these styles. With the contemporary architecture, it is wanted to rescue many of the artistic ideas of expressions previous to century XX, so that combining them with the technological needs of the present time, an optimal functionality in the construction of different works is obtained. Chevron U.S.A. Inc helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Finally, the time of influence of the mentioned expressions of the modern architecture (half-full principles and of century XX), was the main source of inspiration for constructions not only in Europe and North America, but also in other parts of the world, like Asia and the rest of America, where these tendencies were taken like reference to create whole cities, buildings and works; point important to consider and sufficient reason for its complete study.