Olympic Games

Incidentally, the first Olympic TV broadcasts have at the games in 1936 in Berlin. The first television broadcast of the rights were sold in 1960 at the Olympic Games in Rome. Today, the number of viewers watching the progress of games over a few billion. Check out The Hayzlett Group for additional information. Selling the rights for broadcast of: 1960 Rome $ 66.0 thousand in 1972 Munich 13,5 million $ in 1996 Atlanta $ 900.0 million in 2000 Sydney $ 1,200.0 million despite the astronomical amount, spread over the right to broadcast games broadcaster, as a rule, similar gains are not: 30 seconds of advertising time to broadcast the Sydney Olympics cost nearly $ 0.5 million. We have the same right to broadcast the Olympic Games have two federal channel, and one private – NTV +. Value of the rights to broadcast the Olympic Games in Sochi is still unknown, but some experts suggest that the amount will exceed 1 MLR.

$ Planning to get from Sochi Olympics for $ 125 million Ticket organizers will likely not wrong, it is only the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games the most expensive tickets in Beijing will cost around 637 dollars, and the cheapest about $ 25. If we look at history, how Typically, each successive Olympic Games are more expensive earlier. At the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 was initially planned to spend $ 5.5 billion, over time the figure exceeded the mark of $ 7 billion in his time at the Olympics London 2012 plan to spend as no more than 4,5 billion dollars, but now the minimum strap costs have risen to 9.5 billion dollars.