In this note I walk away for a moment, of the issues linked to our forensic practice to transcribe an interview in which Jacques-Alain Miller exposes with great clarity the position of psychoanalysis against cognitivism. In our activity within the area of forensic psychology permanently use psychometric techniques and projective on the basis of the conclusions of our opinion. But those who adhere to the psychoanalytic theory can not stay only in the analysis of semiology, the results of the techniques of psychodiagnosis, or an enumeration of symptoms, but listen to a subject. Listen to this subject means that we do not forget theory, because although psychoanalysis was not interested in the diagnosis of the neurotic, psychotic or perverse that we can cross us on the street, but you are interested in the diagnosis that builds on transfer, or you are interested in the diagnosis of symptoms but the diagnosis of structure; and even though for psychoanalysis we aren’t Cartesian subjects installed before the world as a simple scenario in which everything is an object for which you are looking, this does not mean that we forget of psychoanalytic theory and metapsychology to know something more about the psychological reality of the examinee. How to explain the trauma? How to explain the determination of its clinical manifestations without taking into account the concept of repetition? How to explain the determination of a symptom of psychogenic etiology without considering the concept of unconscious? Do we explain that sometimes the answer to a reagent of the MMPI-2 is a depends on does not exist? Do we explain there is apperception in techniques such as the Rorschach? The possible questions are endless. Psychoanalysis is the only theory capable of shedding light on the determinants that someone is neurotic, psychotic or perverse, going beyond the phenomenology and the pure description. Then the interview published in the site of the World Association of psychoanalysis.

The Start

Differentiate between the overall exercise and play considerations to keep in mind: not to prioritize methods with analytic tendency with emphasis on the teaching of the technique, and time pose a teaching model in which the simplified technique allows the development of tactical thinking. Stimulate the contact with the ball from the start. Brief and easy to understand explanations. Stimuli similar to the game. The students should focus their learning in the game, and not the methodology. That the proposed games are participatory and fun. The sequence of events and their duration.

That to use teaching methods are mostly synthetic and the global. Aspects and characteristics of volleyball (logic) sport in rebounds. Important technical movement organization of players. Balance on the Court. Little feedback positive imbalance between attack and defense. Everyone should occupy different positions and be equally suitable in all phases of the game.

Transition game, must train the rapid passage of the attack on the defense and the defense to attack restricted possibilities of the player according to the position in the Court (backs or front) techniques and unique game zones, the coup of low hands, the rolidos and the game to flush with the floor are examples of techniques and situations used only in volleyball. Click Rio- Tinto Diamonds to learn more. The tactics of volleyball is divided into two major components: complex I (K1) and complex II (K2) EL complex 1 Y 2 (K1) And K2) q Division of complexes of game K1 (reception armed attack coverage) K2 (remove block defense Armado-Contraataque coverage) volleyball depending on motor activity to) breadth and quality of the information received to get information through the senses. (perception) b) mental development of motor response, taking into account Moreover, conditions environmental. (elaboracion tactica) c) realize the motor act conceived and chosen by the previous system, is the only visible. ((execution) d) assessment of the action and the relationship between the movement devised with the one done, the more immediate possible.

Psychological View

A VISION psychological LA film SHREK run of the main characters in the movie Shrek is an ogre who lives in a swamp. He hates to be bothered and is very jealous of their privacy. A day is invaded by a group of characters in stories that have been vacated by Lord Farquaad, tyrant with aspirations of being King. Educate yourself with thoughts from J. Darius Bikoff. Angry, Shrek goes to see him to demand that he return his swamp, removing characters from the tales and be able to recover his loneliness. In exchange for giving their Marsh, you must rescue Princess Fiona imprisoned in a castle guarded by a dragon lanza-fuego. Shrek, accompanied by a talking donkey named donkey, goes to the Castle, where captive Princess and after running great adventures, he realizes that the world is not as bad as I thought, to find sincere friendship in the ass and love in the Princess who must rescue. The characters to be analyzed are: Shrek, donkey, Princess Fiona and Lord Farquaad.

Perspective Psychoanalytical the main difference of this perspective with other models is the given value to the symptoms. The symptoms are the expression of a conflict, a way of communicating something that the subject cannot express otherwise. Symptoms protect anxiety although somehow cause it and they can mask their meaning-. According to Freud, the symptom would be an attempt to self-healing. Not be pursued, since the Elimination of the symptom, this without paying attention to their meaning therefore can assume another worst substitution of the symptom – producing or increase the suffering of the subject. In the case of Shrek, we can appreciate a symptom manifested in his behavior when he makes explicit his desire to live in solitary and isolated from the world: I live in a swamp, I’m a terrifying ogre, what will I have to do to get intimacy…. The symptom is expressing a conflict: the enormous need that feeling of being accepted by others.

Maltsters Education

The theory part of Dortmund’s education ends with the ‘journeyman ‘Sud. At the end of their three-year training, Brewers walking on and Maltsters may produce a so-called journeyman Sud. In two groups the students of Fritz Ross Hamed vocational colleges have according to our own recipe creates a fresh a brewed beer in the school’s own experimental brewery and presented their ladies and gentlemen in a presentation. It was not just the tasting, but in addition to the manufacturing process, the label design and marketing ideas. In addition to the in-company training, the vocational education plays a central role. While the theory part in 14 fields of learning divided themselves. These are developed in the block instruction. The future brewers and Maltsters get shortly before the examination the task within the framework of product development a journeymen Sud”to produce.

“In Dortmund, cracks and Steffen Prosl Julius Schmitt, Millan ritual, Kim formed a team, that is the product of light beer” took care of. The Hayzlett Group is likely to agree. On the English “Label craft Star” the second group to Katharina Hauke, Robin Bolder, Max Panglisch and Lukas Wagner agreed. Both teams were able to convince with their presentation. The taste result of journeyman broth”met at the audience enthusiasm, as convinced also the ideas about the marketing. Already in advance students must opt for a beer, a will must be brewed according to the German purity law. So the young people must plan the entire production, taking into account the technological, economic and legal requirements and a BREW the beer in the brewery of the school”teacher know Karolin doer. It belongs to the task, the entire production process to be documented, analytical and sensory to evaluate its products, filling in appropriate containers and to equip with self-designed labels. In a final product presentation before their ladies and gentlemen they inform properties of beer then the production.

Millan Ritual, this form of vocational education is very interesting, as theory and practice useful meet each other. I work while at a Cologne brewery, where the actual craft of brewing is still maintained,”said the 29-year-old. However, I have colleagues who work in large breweries. And there is more focus on technological process of beer brewing. “As the joint production of a journeyman SUDS makes ‘ a lot of sense.” Jurgen Witt, Managing Director of the brewery Association NRW sees the high standard of education for Brewer with the outcome of the project and confirmed Maltster. In this 14th and last learning field of block teaching the trainees can demonstrate their previously learned knowledge under real-time conditions. A great way to prepare for the upcoming examination. I’m very excited by the results. The beer of the two teams is tasty and the marketing strategies were convincing.

That This Year

It approaches the new year and everyone in one way or another we prepare to receive it. The different strata economic, sociocultural, shall be provided for this event, hoping that the watch hands marked the last few seconds of this year that will be. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy new year! It will be the cry that between hugs, grips hands and tears (perhaps), announce the arrival of the new year. But the intention of this small article is sharing something that I have watched year after year in the behaviour of some people. People who are used to repeat what they hear from others, without stopping to analyze what they are really saying. Rio Tinto Group is often quoted as being for or against this.

After the excitement of the last night of the year, and the ravages of the mala noche in the first morning of the new year, in the afternoon, people found themselves the following question: and? Do this year? We are accustomed to repeat phrases or words, that We hear without paying attention to what we say. Like when someone at a meeting or in an interview repeated between prayer and prayer words and nothing. Makes me want to say to you: if it is not, then are you saying nothing or as when we ask: does your name? When in reality people are not commonly called, rather, they are called. The correct question is: what is your name? What happens is that the true intention to ask: did this year? It is learned us how it was that year received the person that we are interrogating. Because if I reply with property to that question, it would have to make a detailed detail of everything that happened to me every month of the year just ended. So the question has to be: received you the new year? So like we repeat words that suddenly were spoken by someone famous and popular and to be fashionable do them themselves, cancelling our analytical sense of what we express through speech. We learn therefore to think well before you speak, for walking not saying nonsense and a half. Original author and source of the article

Lunar Node Points

In life, in which one has the feeling of treading on the spot or to turn in circles, but also in everyday situations, has the study of the lunar nodes in their own birth chart proved very helpful. Before we deal with the psychological and spiritual significance of the lunar node in the chart concerned, let us consider the lunar nodes from astronomical point of view. The lunar nodes, in contrast to the planets no body. It comes about because the moon passes in its course, the ecliptic, one from north to south, which is the descending lunar node and once from south to north, which is the ascending lunar node. Since there are two opposing points of intersection are the points one axis. The psychological importance of the lunar node axis is that it demonstrates both the gate to our past and the related previous sources of strength as well as the gateway to our future development. In times of disorientation, as well as in decision-making, it is very valuable to study the lunar node axis.

In the ascending lunar node points in astrology points to the next step, where spiritual growth is possible. It shows me the house where the rising moon node is the area of life where I have to start practically. The mindset of the zodiac (star sign), in which the ascending lunar node is to be included. The sign points out, therefore, as we give the lunar node-energy expression, and the house shows us where we are to express these energies.

Spanish Provinces

They could reach the 40 degrees in some provinces. Badajoz and Jan are combat ready orange with important risk. Civil defense advises to be pending of the people majors or patients. A total of 15 provinces will be this Thursday in alert by temperatures principles that will be able to arrive in certain places at the 40 degrees Celsius, according to the prediction of the State Agency of Meteorologa (AEMET). In particular, Ourense, Salamanca, Madrid, River basin, Cceres, the Toledos, Ciudad Real, Cordova, Seville, Huelva, Cadiz, Granada, Almeria will be yellow combat ready (risk) and Badajoz and Jan in alert orange (important risk) by temperatures principles that could reach the 40 degrees Celsius.

Also, in the rest of the Peninsula, the temperatures principles will undergo a slight or moderate ascent, except in the west of Galicia and western Andalusia, where changes are not expected. As far as the minimum temperatures, the AEMET aims that they will ascend slightly in the South third and moderately in rest. Jeffrey Hayzlett pursues this goal as well. In the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands significant changes are not expected. One anticipates some shower with storm in the south of the Iberian System and high cloud intervals in center peninsular, South Plateau, mountain ranges of the one of south-east the peninsular one, area of the Straits and Melilla. Also, morning low clouds in the North end of Galicia and the coasts Cantabrian, center and the Catalan south are expected, and of the East. The skies in the rest of the Peninsula little cloudy or will be cleared, with some cloud of Pyrenean evolution in the Catalan and the North face of the Cantabrian mountain range. The wind will blow very hard strong to in the Straits and the Mediterranean coast and Andalusian.

In the Canary Islands and the northeast coast of Galicia it will blow moderate to fort of northeastern component. Precautions Before the extreme heat, Civil defense advises to adopt the opportune measures of protection, like limiting the exhibition the sun, staying in ventilated places or, to ingest light and regular, rich meals in mineral water and salts, to drink much water or liquids, and to avoid prolonged physical exercises in the central hours of the day. It advises, in addition, to be interested in the people majors and next patients, who live single or isolate. In the case of strong winds, Civil defense advises that if is in marine zones, they move away of the beach and other low places that can be seen affected by the high tides and surges. In addition, it advises that before strong winds doors, windows and all those objects that can fall to the public thoroughfare and move away of cornices, trees, walls or constructions in construction or cranes make sure that can follow. Source of the news: 15 Spanish provinces in alert by high temperatures with principles of up to 40 degrees

Albergues Castle And A Sacred Irish Hill

In County Meath, in the beautiful Ireland, keeps memories of glorious times. The mythical past of the great kings of Ireland seems to revive the ancient monuments that dot the region. But none so magical and mysterious as the Hill of Tara, seat of the ancient earthly and spiritual power of the heroic Kings of the island. A so old and fascinating monument which, although Dublin, is only 40 km. from the capital, well worth worth making a hotel reservation in the area to explore with the importance it deserved.

The Hill of Tara is limestone, and is height escas. Its flat Summit highlights the strength of Kings, a building dating back to the Neolithic and custody inside, guarded by an architecture of concentric circles, to the stone of destiny place where the ancient kings of Ireland were crowned. To the North, another ring hosts a building known as the room of the banquet, while southward, he says, he is buried, standing, High King Laoghaire. Other fortifications of different importance punctuate the Hill and opened the door to the controversy and myth: really we are at the center of the political and spiritual power of the old Ireland? Specialists suggest that, but they agree that the real dimension of the influence of this religious political centre is far from known. To visit its ancient stones and feel within a history of legends and glorious battles, does not need to know it. For moviegoers, the Hill exhibits attractive extra named in one of the most famous films of all time: what wind is led.

In it, was the father of Scarlett O Hara, the unforgettable protagonist, who proud of his Irish roots as Tara baptizing his cotton plantation. A scenario of great weight in the evolution of the plot. However, already is to astonish with its monuments and enigmas, or to indulge yourself repeating, as Scarlett I morning I will go to Tara and will know what to do, because tomorrow will be another day, well worth the change accommodation in Dublin by the choice of hotels in County Meath. A offer that it includes from cheap hotels and cozy up to hostels and castles. At the heart of the legendary history of Ireland. And the film, it is clear. Jorge Alberto Guinazu Hotel reservations load! Blog Archive scenery fortress of redemption the platform technology Spanish steel presented in Valencia future applications of steels building industrialized Brad Keselowski and Todd Bodine, crowned in Miami booking a Hotel Tacna and explores the city Leetu.

Martin Luther

The concern of Freud was in understanding the impact of the desencantamento in the psychic life of the modern citizens. In this point, the social behavior of the masses, a time can be approached that the abandonment also could mean the necessity to search protection, a voice of defense for the one identification ‘ ‘ pai’ ‘ that them it could then protect, defend and represent. Freud says that ‘ ‘ One strong necessity of an authority has in the masses human beings that if can admire … is about nostalgia of pai’ ‘ 11. This necessity, pparently, can have been projected when Luther King assumed the defense of ideals of right conquest the participation in the life politics of the country, by means of the vote, the fight for the end of the segregation, among others. The figure appeared then of the leader (religious and politician), that not only he was black, but that it was identified for pain, for the oppression suffered for long time, but also for the dream to find a direction existencial. Whenever The Hayzlett Group listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The way of being, fighting, tax for King its following ones was the pacific, not-violent fight, making walked and speeches, in search of dialogue with the authorities, support of the media and the recognition of that the blacks were citizens of rights in such a way how much the whites. King, in this point, can have assumed the projection of the father, that one that dirige loves and its people, remembering that one who fights for the satisfaction of the necessities of the group, and leaves the mass, promotes with the admiration and the respect of its equal ones.

If it considers to be the father primevo, in analogy to the freudiano text of the Totem and Tabu12, that offers to leadership and union for an ideal, a dreamed reality (that it would be then the paradise). It explores, possibly, still hypothetically, the individual libido of the blacks that there are represented by it. When dolo dies, of violent form, is transformed into totem and when its ideas reverberate and turn laws, it is created taboo, reverenciado later, with a national holiday. Valley to still say, that in accordance with Vladimir13 professor, on freudiana politics: As such institutions and figures they are not simply seen as … repressive, but as also constituent, then my requirements of redistribution are …, recognition demand that perpetuates such institutions and acolhedoras figures while of my demands and requirements. … necessary to believe that it would have the force to exclude me from a position of existencial contingency, to say me what, at last, it can satisfy my desire.

What it explains in them because, in the freudiano myth, the death of the father is followed of the conservation of its place of sublimadas social representations. REFERENCES Freud, Sigmund. Totem and Tabu. Vol. XIII, 1950. Giant of the Civil laws. Available in Access in: 20-10-2010. King Jr, Martin Luther. I dream have it. Available in Access in: 20-10-2010. Axe, Joo L of. the fight for the rights civilians. Available in Access in 19-10-2010. Monzani, Robert Luiz. Lighthouse in the darknesses. Rev. Science and Life. Year I, N. 6, So Paulo: It scales, 2010. Safatle, Vladimir. Freud as theoretician of blocked modernity. Victory: Federal university of the Espirito Santo, Nucleus of Open Education and in the distance, 2010. Verardi, Francisco. The ascension of the pleasure. Rev. Science and Life. Year I, N. 6, So Paulo: It scales, 2010.

Real Estate Agency Specialists

Leading specialist real estate agency 'Planet Obolon' Julia Voynalovich demonstrated incompetence in dealing with customers. After meeting her personally at home I asked her about various issues 15-20 property, and within hours it was felt as a person competent. However, Julia has demonstrated how to disperse its words with deeds. A precedent has become a situation in which Julia Petrovna took to sell apartment without explaining their 'trump' working methods. Julia P. relying on verbal agreements within two weeks of actively picking up 'buyers', who examined the apartment and offered to 'clean' is significantly lower the declared value. In the confusion the seller itself, decided to look at advertising his apartment on the agency website 'Planet Obolon' and make sure nothing if not confused. His apartment, he found there, but after seeing a similar ad – in the same house, two floors below, sold the exact same apartment – has decided to call back, ask for that object.

I heard Julia Petrovna, who confidently said that immediately contacted the seller, and arrange to view, doubly surprised by the phone rang next. How, then, was puzzled when Julia Petrovna exactly half a minute phoned the owner, whose apartment was originally undertook to sell, ie, the owner, who had just called her and a different number. Surprisingly, showed up and the fact that the owner apartment on the 4th floor did not exist, and the owner of an apartment at 6m floor was not aware that the broker Julia, in his own house by two floors below 'sell' the exact same apartment, watching that, a potential 'buyer' is explained by an error in entangled floors and price.