Spanish Provinces

They could reach the 40 degrees in some provinces. Badajoz and Jan are combat ready orange with important risk. Civil defense advises to be pending of the people majors or patients. A total of 15 provinces will be this Thursday in alert by temperatures principles that will be able to arrive in certain places at the 40 degrees Celsius, according to the prediction of the State Agency of Meteorologa (AEMET). In particular, Ourense, Salamanca, Madrid, River basin, Cceres, the Toledos, Ciudad Real, Cordova, Seville, Huelva, Cadiz, Granada, Almeria will be yellow combat ready (risk) and Badajoz and Jan in alert orange (important risk) by temperatures principles that could reach the 40 degrees Celsius.

Also, in the rest of the Peninsula, the temperatures principles will undergo a slight or moderate ascent, except in the west of Galicia and western Andalusia, where changes are not expected. As far as the minimum temperatures, the AEMET aims that they will ascend slightly in the South third and moderately in rest. Jeffrey Hayzlett pursues this goal as well. In the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands significant changes are not expected. One anticipates some shower with storm in the south of the Iberian System and high cloud intervals in center peninsular, South Plateau, mountain ranges of the one of south-east the peninsular one, area of the Straits and Melilla. Also, morning low clouds in the North end of Galicia and the coasts Cantabrian, center and the Catalan south are expected, and of the East. The skies in the rest of the Peninsula little cloudy or will be cleared, with some cloud of Pyrenean evolution in the Catalan and the North face of the Cantabrian mountain range. The wind will blow very hard strong to in the Straits and the Mediterranean coast and Andalusian.

In the Canary Islands and the northeast coast of Galicia it will blow moderate to fort of northeastern component. Precautions Before the extreme heat, Civil defense advises to adopt the opportune measures of protection, like limiting the exhibition the sun, staying in ventilated places or, to ingest light and regular, rich meals in mineral water and salts, to drink much water or liquids, and to avoid prolonged physical exercises in the central hours of the day. It advises, in addition, to be interested in the people majors and next patients, who live single or isolate. In the case of strong winds, Civil defense advises that if is in marine zones, they move away of the beach and other low places that can be seen affected by the high tides and surges. In addition, it advises that before strong winds doors, windows and all those objects that can fall to the public thoroughfare and move away of cornices, trees, walls or constructions in construction or cranes make sure that can follow. Source of the news: 15 Spanish provinces in alert by high temperatures with principles of up to 40 degrees