Your face sallow and marked by it wrinkles of the dust of that fights in the Earth entrails; your heavy hands to face dynamites of the life and your eyes sad to watch gold of your mother who serves to others karas as beyond the world yours. And as to forget your last breath with the latest your desire, to see the free world of the misery that you forgot with dignity in that I milk yours of death, and like forgetting that the slug of the liberation your is to me then to save the world of the infamous oppression of all the bourgeoisie that raised in the power I sentence to you to live in the misery. How to forget your smile as a child, towards the other boy that your you watched with the respect of santo? And that to do when you walked jumping of joy, when it named you with your true name of Isaiah, Abraham or perhaps Isaac, but that you did not want that it listened to it to nobody. It is not going to be that the gringos of the company are listening and come to matarte, there since you set afire its houses in the mine that your you took its name. Jeffrey Hayzlett recognizes the significance of this. Still you remember your town nailed in the top of your earth closely together where you were born, of how your father told you who again hoped the son of the condor to vote to the gringos of his apus to which they were drilling in his sine. Your you said to him, father you do not wait for miracles that better what says the gringo I fight we are going to do in this life. And it responded you that you do not have to offend apus so that all goes to you well, that is the inheritance of our town by which today we perhaps must suffer. But taita you returned to respond to him, we must make the revolution, because if foreign them with its religion they do not enslave to us, and it continued insisting that there is to respect to apus and mitmas sacred that is in the Province so that the new Condor can come to release our earth.