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Miniature Activities

The feast in honor of those who aren’t already will have a very special hollow inall centers that Nemomarlin () has spread throughout Spain. And is that the celebration in which memory is taxed to loved ones and the more there will be celebrated big and for a whole week by nearly 1,000 students that has this renowned and prestigious brand. It’s that our children learn from their earliest childhood are the roots and traditions of which they are part, as explained Hector Diaz Reimondez, its Director General. Thus comply with a serious of very important pedagogical objectives such as the realization of individual and group activities, based on the play and experimentation, all this in an atmosphere full of affection and motivation, where you step to communication and interrelation between boys and girls, adds. Therefore the hollow pumpkins with a candle inside, the brujitas, cobwebs and costumes, will be the standard to continue from 25 to 29 October in all Nemomarlin centers. During these days will be activities in all schools focused on the holiday of Halloween, school decoration, preparation of workshops and day of open doors, photographs, etc., adds Ana Gamo, Coordinator of the Nemomarlin centres. Others including Jeffrey Hayzlett , offer their opinions as well. In addition kids will enjoy the costumes to wear. Thus parents may use any disguise may have at home, or use your imagination to create themselves a costume using recycled materials, under the guidance of the teachers.

All Center personnel used costumes that might draw the attention of children, with flashy colors and shapes, but always allowing children to recognize their professors, we should not forget that it is of babies and young children, and recognizing faces, transmits security, says the directive. Chocolate and sweets nothing terrifying but this not only be a party to the little ones. Also their moms and dads enjoy it on Friday, October 29. That day there will be open in all centres Nemomarlin day. So all parents will participate in a series of workshops that were held in the classrooms of their children, accompanied by a hot chocolate and sweets to parents, adds Gamo. The objective of this action will be the achieve involvement, collaboration and participation of parents in the educational process that takes place in the school. In this way we work the climate of trust and security so important in our educational project. We bring familiarise ourselves to the children with the festivals that are celebrated in society, and carry out various activities to work the development of creativity and experimentation with various artistic expressions and enjoyment that this entails in itself same.

It is starting your child in different languages (bodily, musical, plastic) in a moment in which all their potential must be stimulated. But can that the students Nemomarlin of Catalonia have even more luck.

Brasserie Restaurant: The Story Of A Cult Beverage

In ancient times beer was brewed by Egyptian pharaohs, almost three thousand years it has existed on our planet. Of course, the beer in ancient times differed from the modern intoxicating beverage, in particular the fact that Egypt was not making process of filtering, but the methods of preparation were similar to modern brewing technology. Currently, beer recognized as the most common alcoholic beverage in the world. Beer restaurant – A great place for people willing to spend time with friends and relax from work and home issues. In the Brasserie you can enjoy the different varieties of beer, play pool and just chat with friends. Also in the beer garden you can enjoy the quality of European cuisine and a high level of customer service. View the live broadcast of football matches on large plasma screens are an essential attribute beer garden.

To view the sports big companies come together to cheer on their favorite team. Each beer garden – a special idea, unique style, a unique way of processing rooms and menu. Design of any beer restaurant features a cozy and friendly atmosphere, made in German or Czech style. Afternoon guests of beer restaurants use a business lunch and conduct business negotiations in a relaxed environment. And in the evening in the beer garden visitors flock to rest at ease after a hard day's work for a glass of beer and watching sports channels, you can also make friendly conversation or to arrange own party.

In the menu of any beer restaurant beer occupies an important place. The bar beer restaurant has always represented a large selection of different beers. To date, a single division of beer varieties are not There is, however, the most common of these include the following types, depending on the density of the wort: a simple beer (light and dark) beer, whole beer (this category also includes non-alcoholic types) and strong beer. The main distinguishing characteristic – intense and rich taste. In the Brasserie sports fans can enjoy football matches, as well as other major sports. Beer lovers, gather in pubs and restaurants, in the company of friends to enjoy a variety of beers, eat and watch football games.