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Pleated – Privacy & Room Darkening

The darkening of a room with a pleated blackout facilities offer professional sun protection. Everywhere where you don’t want to miss out on daylight, but regularly needs a good blackout of spaces, the different types are used. A variant is the pleated blinds to darken a room! The following explains the pleated and the applications listed. Pleated refers to a form of Sun protection at the window, which is related with the blind. The fabric is not wrapped up as in a rollover on a so-called wave, but at the pleated fabric is pre folded (pleated) and is pushed along ziehharmonenartig to a package.

Also the terms blind, pleated curtain or abridged pleated are commonly used for the equipment. Pleats are very versatile in terms of the internal sun protection, since they can be manufactured in many geometric shapes. In addition to rectangular plant, there are also Trapeze, triangular or semi-circular pleats. The upper and lower rail of System can be mounted also mobile so that pleated curtains are shadow depending on the demand only partial area of the window. Through the installation of another in the Middle, movable tracks, the systems can be equipped also with several substances.

The type of window covering can be changed through a handle. This allows the construction of day / night systems. Curtains for a pleated blinds can be mounted freely suspended or braced and be used in roof Windows. Their operation can with handles, pull cords or chains and be electrically. Because there is hardly a Windows form, for which no pleated blinds can be made, they are ideal for the darkening of winter gardens. The variability is a major advantage of the pleats! You can equal a glass bar are fitted or screwed onto the frame. To avoid damaging the window frame by drilling, a pleated with clamps can be mounted. This saves a nerves and anger. Sun protection products for pleats the prescribed shade is achieved at a computer workstation. Even the atmosphere of rooms can be changed as a result. This increases the well-being of people or ensures a better working environment in offices. There are today almost everywhere in hardware stores and interior decorators to buy pleats. “In Hamburg there is, for example, a variety of interior decorators, one even with the installation of the pleats and advice” are available to the page.

WINS Comparison Test

“C EdelstahlReiniger” is “good and cheap”. The consumer magazine “Ktipp”, one of the strongest reader magazines of Switzerland, has been tested for its latest issue of various manufacturers stainless steel cleaner. With a very pleasing result for the chemical form AG: The “planet C EdelstahlReiniger” of Wendlinger tradition business could prevail against the 11 competitors and took the test victory. In its individual assessment attest the tester by “Ktipp” a “very good result in the lime and fat removal” the product of chemical form AG and praise in addition, that he “also very good material” beautiful. The conclusion of the testers: “Planet C EdelstahlReiniger” is “good and cheap” – because it is not only the best, but also the most affordable of the tested cleaner. This is the test winner in the best company: because the chemical form AG offers a comprehensive program under the brand name “Planet-C” for many years for the budget and the semi professional application.

All “planet-C” products are located excellent value for money out. They are also highly effective at cleanliness, hygiene and care and conserve health at the same time, machines, equipment and facilities. “C EdelstahlReiniger planet the test winner” and all other “planet C” products can be ordered online: detergent.