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Therefore in the optics of this gegrafo the notion of sort of life has an ecological, naturalistic dimension, it serves in first place to show as the groups if they adaptam to the environment, therefore Blache made of this concept one of the axles of geography human being There, fond still to suggest that it can have a cultural dimension. The controversy around the cultural dimension of the landscape arrives at the United States at the beginning of century XX and acquired greater amplitude from 1925, year where Carl Ortwin Sauer (1889-1975), defined the geographic landscape as resulted of the action of the culture, throughout the time the same it established the North American school of cultural Geography. For Sauer (1998), the objective biggest of the geographic studies age to analyze the cultural landscapes in way that the physical morphology would have to be seen as a way, transformed for the agent who is the culture. As Ducan (2003, p.81), Sauer conceives the culture. Rod Brooks may not feel the same. … as a supply-organic entity, with its proper laws, pairando on the individuals, considered as messenger of the culture, without autonomy. Jeffrey Hayzlett is often quoted as being for or against this. The culture was thus, conceived as something exterior to individuals of a social group its internalizao if makes for conditioning mechanisms, generator of habits, understood as culture. …

in this vision did not have conflicts, predominating the consensus and the cultural homogeneity. For Chaval (1995), the development of a cultural study inside of the geographic perspective delayed very to consolidate, a time that the same one more than needed something what the simple natural knowledge of the landscape as it was in the start of the century. A ampler reflection was necessary on the geograficidade, that is, on the paper that the space and the way could exert in the life of a society, on the function that them is taxes, on its use and mainly its know socially rational. .

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In this direction, the integration enters the urban and regional ways of transport, as strategy of otimizao of resources is considerable.With the increase of the dimensions of the aircraft, the possibilities of magnifying of the tracks of landing e> the places for the airports must be chosen in way such that the necessary approaches are free of obstacles when of the final development of the airport (Horonjeff, 1996, p 146). For the terminals located in urban areas, the height of the constructions is primordial factor in the urban planning.Structural and preparatory questions of the land where the workmanship will be carried through must be taken in consideration, in way that has economy in the construction and responsible application of the resources> the localization of an airport the great distance of the generating center of the traffic not only annuls to the advantages of the proportionate speeds for the transports turbojets as well as brings in consequence the reduction of the volume of traffic. BAURU FLYING CLUB Having been established in 1939, the Flying club of Bauru became reference in the formation> Star – and today they count on restaurant, small load terminal, landlord of vehicles and point of taxi.The track of 1500m X 34m still, under administration of the Aerovirio Department of the State of So Paulo DAESP – it received 21,315 landings and takes-off in 2007 against 27.101 in 2006 and 9.571kg and 710.983kg, respectively in these years, loads.The terminal of passengers has capacity for sixty people and held,> between embarkments and landings, 52,658 people in 2006 and 111.760 people in 2007. STATE AIRPORT MOUSSA NAKHL TOBIAS In 1979, through Indication 196 of the State legislature of the State of So Paulo, then the member of the house of representatives Robert Purini required steps of the Governor of the State of So Paulo in order to construct a new airport in Bauru.The text of the document if based on the structural transformations for which the State passed, to the time, in way that the Inter-relationship of investments in infrastructure was capable to alavancar the growth of all a region.