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When the Human being reaches the balance spiritual does not turn aside its divine same destination more than being in a meat body, therefore it discovers that its happiness is not in the things mere passengers. It starts in its soul and she provides the Peace to it of GOD who the world cannot give to it. It does not have owner Your food will be by weight, twenty siclos per day; of time in time you will eat, it. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, 4:10. Mr.

GOD created the Man With all its dons; If it passes necessity Is because for the levity He wanted to turn aside itself. Exactly in this state where he fell When from the Face of GOD ran away protects It, Therefore he knows that one day converges, To its paternais arms. Everything what it possesss, All son usufructs, Because it is not egoistic. The Nature is satiated and everything what it is enough to it In it contains. 1 siclo (basic unit) = 20 you generate or 2 robes in Biblical correspondent current Equivalent = 11,424g

Roof Construction

First we construct the roof, later we raise the wall and we paint of green, blue yellow and. Then we only made the wiring and later we place the roof on the wall. It is as soon as we mount our barraco of masonry, to avesso. One forms infantile stranger and to start to organize a home, covering holes with palliative measures, justified for the one urgency ' ' soluo' '. For our commander ' ' the elite, ' ' she is basic the beauty and comfort air-conditional of a night intranqila. It is also of boundary line importance, to spread changed between the signals and to point, with face of ojeriza, with respect to one ' ' indigente' ' dirty that she survives among rubbles and the destroos of the world.

It is to it, still, very comfortable to coexist the illiterates and to point, smiling, with respect to one banguela of take-that-NOT-falls trying to balance itself in a full bus that finished to cause a bottling. is as soon as goes in them incasing the parts, pushed them with the belly, in the break-head (leg and arm). One forms quaint that commander found to reach the comfort and the quality of life. One forgot, however, that he is alone in the balance that it can find the peace desired, that is alone through the construction of a society igualitria than it will be able to enjoy of the tranquillity. Blind E, continues being the cause of its proper discomfort. Eating of its proper meat, it follows. Insacivel. He must have some interruptor, but it likes the candle.