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Roof Construction

First we construct the roof, later we raise the wall and we paint of green, blue yellow and. Then we only made the wiring and later we place the roof on the wall. It is as soon as we mount our barraco of masonry, to avesso. One forms infantile stranger and to start to organize a home, covering holes with palliative measures, justified for the one urgency ' ' soluo' '. For our commander ' ' the elite, ' ' she is basic the beauty and comfort air-conditional of a night intranqila. It is also of boundary line importance, to spread changed between the signals and to point, with face of ojeriza, with respect to one ' ' indigente' ' dirty that she survives among rubbles and the destroos of the world.

It is to it, still, very comfortable to coexist the illiterates and to point, smiling, with respect to one banguela of take-that-NOT-falls trying to balance itself in a full bus that finished to cause a bottling. is as soon as goes in them incasing the parts, pushed them with the belly, in the break-head (leg and arm). One forms quaint that commander found to reach the comfort and the quality of life. One forgot, however, that he is alone in the balance that it can find the peace desired, that is alone through the construction of a society igualitria than it will be able to enjoy of the tranquillity. Blind E, continues being the cause of its proper discomfort. Eating of its proper meat, it follows. Insacivel. He must have some interruptor, but it likes the candle.


To teach for learning is an important process and must be observed as such, considering that all education possesss a intentional action, one strong cause of ideological matrix, who teaches occasions a effect in who learns, of form that this learning modifies thought, strengthens positive and/or negative internal structures of the individual. So that the act to learn occurs in a global process of the individual is necessary that its necessities are known, recognized and led in consideration. Nobody can learn for the other, the learning is intransfervel, it occurs through increasing operations and it involves a great number of elements that go if accumulating and being employed in new situations that to little modify the being aprendente. Another present element in the pertaining to school influential factor is the conditions of the environment. They consist that the motivation is closely on with the conditions of the environment where the pupil goes to learn. It is necessary acolhedor, motivador, affective environment, of respect the diversity providing security and tranquilidade to the child. It still has the environment of the classroom, in which the child passes greater has left of its time, this environment exists of some forms, loaded of symbols, decorated for pedagogical abecedrios, posters, contents, diverse figures, productions of the children all as used as resource to the development of education learning of the child. However, the interferentes factors are not only the ones that make it difficult the learning of the child they also facilitate its learning, are enough the professor to identify them and to use them in its favor, the games, the tricks, music and etc., they are influential factors that act positively on the learning of the child. The pupil can still present difficulty to learn for reasons as, level of maturity, personal rhythm, interest, aptitudes, problems of nervous origin, hiperatividade, cacoetes, sleeplessness, lack of appetite, organic problems, mental and physical deficiency, and even in knowing so that, and as it will go to use the given knowledge and the reasons to learn them.