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If the life in gave a wide smile to them, endowed in them with wealth and being able, that this power is placed of low of our feet and never in our head, because the day where in feeling them great, the life in will disapprove them. The life alone applauds in them when we are grateful for it and we live with humildade. On the other hand, if we live in a laboring quarter and we live of a simple skill, that this is not for us a grumble reason. That let us be grateful for that the life offers in them. If many times our yearnings, and our objective not to reach the platform that we desire and to be only in the dream, does not matter, what it really matters is to be grateful for the life. Christ said one day for its followers who the life valley more than the food that we eat and the clothes that we dress, see: ‘ ‘ You look at the birds of the sky: they do not sow nor cut with a scythe, nor they collect in the granaries and your Father feeds celestial them. Are not valid it much more that they? Which of you, no matter how hard if it strengthens, can add one alone cvado one to the duration of its life? why inquietais you with vestments? You consider as the irises of the field grow; they do not work nor they weave. However, say I you that the proper Salomo in the height of its glory was not dressed as one of them..

Latin Vetus

It must be affirmed, however, that she is well more delayed of what that African, ‘ ‘ qui latinizzazione della Chiesa was solecita stata there molto certain Che verse finishes del there II sc. there language ufficiale della comunit was there Latin. For the argument that interests in them, beginning of the literary activity in this language can be presumption as the cause of the translation of the Greek of the Sacred Writing, or perhaps only of the NT. The diverse forms of the Latin Vetus: ‘ ‘ Latin the Vetus term is not mentioned to a complete translation only of the Bible, seno that assigns to the set of the previous translations to the Vulgata de Jernimo, this circulating Latin translation in Cartago since the year of 250, without if it knows documentation some certifying the existence of others in the remaining portion of the Christian world of expression latina’ ‘. Bibliographical references CATALBIANO, M. Litterarum Fire. Ambienti Culturali and Libri trai l IV and il V Secolo. In: Studia Epheremides Augustinianum 55, Rome, 1996.

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