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You Have To Delivery Of Cargo From Europe. What Do ?

As you know the balance of trade between Russia and Europe is increasing. Every year a growing number of importers, and with it the need to transport goods purchased in Europe. Not every European exporters will take care of delivery. Often, delivery of cargo from Europe to be passed on to Russian importers. In spite of everything, that organizes the delivery of the Russian side has more pluses than minuses. First importer finding inexpensive transportation company, specialists in the delivery of cargo from Europe can reduce the cost of shipping.

Second, control over how moving cargoes from Europe in the hands of the consignee, and perhaps most importantly, control over the correctness of the transport documents for the cargo, also be the recipient. And in fact, the recipient will get a lot of problems, if the sender is organizing the delivery itself, will produce documents with errors or not in accordance with the requirements of the customs of the Russian legislation. That it can be a problem. Nothing that can not be corrected, but the question is, is there at this time and money. After all, if the sender has made an arithmetical error in invoices and paklistah then you just need to provide a written explanation from the sender of the message. It would seem that nothing complicated, but what if the mistake was discovered on Friday evening, and two ahead of the weekend and on Monday, an employee of the sender is not present, and so on.

After all this time, the load placed on the temporary storage. And it's worth keeping an importer of the goods a lot of money. And if the error in HS codes? In general, variants of errors can be listed for a long time. Easier to organize an international cargo delivery itself, finding a shipping company specializing in the delivery of cargoes from Europe to Russia. In the Russian market these companies there is a fairly large kolichestvo.Naibolshim experience with international companies have their offices in different countries, and confirming that their understanding and competence of the features of a country. Many specialize in the service delivery of cargo from Europe

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