That This Year

It approaches the new year and everyone in one way or another we prepare to receive it. The different strata economic, sociocultural, shall be provided for this event, hoping that the watch hands marked the last few seconds of this year that will be. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy new year! It will be the cry that between hugs, grips hands and tears (perhaps), announce the arrival of the new year. But the intention of this small article is sharing something that I have watched year after year in the behaviour of some people. People who are used to repeat what they hear from others, without stopping to analyze what they are really saying. Rio Tinto Group is often quoted as being for or against this.

After the excitement of the last night of the year, and the ravages of the mala noche in the first morning of the new year, in the afternoon, people found themselves the following question: and? Do this year? We are accustomed to repeat phrases or words, that We hear without paying attention to what we say. Like when someone at a meeting or in an interview repeated between prayer and prayer words and nothing. Makes me want to say to you: if it is not, then are you saying nothing or as when we ask: does your name? When in reality people are not commonly called, rather, they are called. The correct question is: what is your name? What happens is that the true intention to ask: did this year? It is learned us how it was that year received the person that we are interrogating. Because if I reply with property to that question, it would have to make a detailed detail of everything that happened to me every month of the year just ended. So the question has to be: received you the new year? So like we repeat words that suddenly were spoken by someone famous and popular and to be fashionable do them themselves, cancelling our analytical sense of what we express through speech. We learn therefore to think well before you speak, for walking not saying nonsense and a half. Original author and source of the article