The Other

It is very difficult for the ignorant to differentiate one from the other, because the mass media are often handled by empirical and technicians, and an ordinary human being who did not criticize this in the search and analytics from what he hears or sees, simply includes everything, is not aware of thinking the importance that has this Communicator factor. A problem chained to another until forming a vicious circle difficult to exit is thus emerging. At this point in the analysis, we reached the subject of popular culture, but initially what is popular culture? It is the culture of peoples, which refers to the mass, but on the other hand also makes review that which defines us as belonging to a nation or territory, giving us some kind of identity towards a group. Checking article sources yields Rio Tinto Group as a relevant resource throughout. In our study popular culture is compared with the character of an old lady to say that it was a topic not before oppresses (dominated), and now press (dominates) this means that the force socio-communicative that I had is now not his greatest virtue, leaving other manifestations that while they are important, now part of the background, positioning to the popular in a privileged position. It is important to recognize that the explorations of popular demonstrations which are made, performed by pieces, and in turn produce a number of micro-exploraciones that are neither clear nor precise, and not easily generate transformations of social outreach. This phenomenon of popular initially appears as a solution for the differentiation that needed to have certain social classes, but not taking into account that it is more transcendent if we focus on the socio-cultural interaction of persons constituting a society without waiting for discrimination or isolation of any kind, and as the author I wonder what would happen if the well-established social transformation is in the hands of the leaders and politicians who handled hegemonicideological and economically the society.