The People There,

The people there, diffuse, back, concerns as an unpleasant presentiment, as a group of stimuli of which could be dispensed without getting dirty. The people there. We with the angels. Father Anastasio Aquino, descorredor of veils killer prejudices Father Anastasio Life Father Anastasio People violator of the night: llegastes from the center of history, from the origin of history, projections from history, Put the truth between the throat and vocation Put the truth in the hope like a fierce wafer, red giant man full of love morning that we must build for that. Father of the Nation. Commander of the motherland. Rebel heart of the country. Honor, dignity, haughty dignity, giant fist of the country: that is incarnated in us your old set appears again in the wild you to claim that in each pan has a memory of your essence that each new day boys absolute singing the prayer of thy name that grows your voice in cities sterile your arrows are launched ancient to mark the forefront of new traitors and your proud example then find the way to the poets cowards. To burn the fields and villages recalling the height of your blood left and that all new solid peasants, workers standing those who are studying for the people We fervently we join in the hectic days of fighting and finish to build your great morning. CREDO OF CHE Che Jesus was taken prisoner after concluding his sermon on the mountain (With background chatter of machine guns) Bolivian rangers and Jews by yankees-heads led by Romans. The scribes condemned and Pharisees revisionist Monk whose spokesman was Caiaphas while Barrientos was Pontius hand washing English speaking military on the backs of the people who chewed coca leaves without even the alternative by mud (Judas Iscariot was among those who defected from the guerrilla and taught the way to the Rangers) Then he placed Christ Guevara a crown of thorns and a tunic of crazy and hung a sign around his neck in jest INRI: Natural Instigator Revolt of the Unhappy. Then they did carry his cross up your asthma and crucified with bursts of M-2 and cut off his head and hands and burned everything else to ash disappeared with the wind in view of which has not been the other way Che to resurrect the and stay to the left of men requiring them to hasten the passage for ever and ever Amen. THE REST OF GUERRERO The dead are increasingly unruly. Before it was easy with them: we gave them a flower collar praised their names on a long list: the enclosures of the country notable that the shadows the marble monstrosity. The body signed after memory going back to rows and marched to the beat of our old music. But what will the dead are other since then. Today we put ironic Ask. I think they realize increasingly be the majority! EPITAPH A whole day I assumed. At first I used to drink wine to drink slow in the last bar of that dark beach pronouncing the names of seafood in a way that called laughter confusing and singing ballads that none of the poor drunk understood. Then he was staying here just sweaty and bright red in the sun stubborn He married a dark-santa slut wife-pity ushering in a neighborhood long silence. Phillips O’Mannion eyes and the memory full of his native Ireland Street died yesterday at his hands clenched against his chest without a word without alarming anyone and pays little price for life. When pregnant burying the strings broke and the coffin fell suddenly skipping the rough pine lid. His partner-faded lips ” threw the first handful of earth directly in the face. MAZZINI HITLER COMPARISON BETWEEN CHILE AND EL SALVADOR IN 1974 IN 1932 “No wonder slander to the Military Junta of Chile. The Communists are. They say that in about four months soldiers killed more than eighty thousand Chileans. That’s an exaggeration as concrete evidence say that the dead do not pass about forty thousand. So it was with him in El Salvador in 1932. The Communists say that Mart nez General killed in less than a month more than thirty thousand guanacos. That’s an exaggeration: tested did not pass those killed twenty thousand. Other were considered missing. ” EL AMOR Love is my other homeland the first not that I am proud which suffer. When the time comes Who to a tune considered sincere not decided to take the wind your fears forget their apprehensions start over no more spitting coffee Uncle Richard It was thus not reached us satirical drawings of the Caves of Altamira. Poets: do not break the fruits of your ex-abrupt. Everything is waiting for The Bald Soprano.