It will be used to build most of the pyramid. When it reaches a height where there is no space to install its dimensions are diminished. And when not be can be further reduced dimensions, they are replaced by those of the first type. This includes also the possibility of combining, temporarily or not, the two types of ramps for overcoming obstacles or apply certain construction techniques. It is advantageous to allocate a section or area fixed face to work with ramps. This facilitates the design and planning of the work, as employed sections are easier to control, reserving the use of the remaining sections for potential problems or design variations. All this makes it possible to draw up a scale model of the pyramid to determine how it is going to be built, where they placed ramps and how it will be used.

Planning wisely, has a margin of error that facilitates overcoming failures or necessary modifications, allowing to execute actions commensurate with the needs and possibilities. And arriving at the highest part of the pyramid which includes the PIRAMIDoN used the first type of ramps and are finally filled the spaces used by the ramps of the second type. This operation is carried out in descending using the first type: the first type of ramp is used permanently in the final stage. This work is not intended to expose a concrete example that shows the exact procedure to build the pyramid, specifying the use of the two types of ramps, because the two ramps exposed models can be used using dissimilar variants techniques in any building where ramps are being used. Includes annexes related to the end with this purpose: use them as a guide to develop a specific and exact constructive procedure. The objective of this hypothesis consists only of transmitting technique; not the procedure. CONCLUSIONS this technique has several advantages and contributions with respect to the existing previously: has a precise and reasonable basis with respect to the previous existing hypotheses.

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