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Just published in Editorial Visor, Madrid, this anthology lectures of poetry of Ruben Bonifaz Nuno: Electricity returned Seleccion prologue and Sandro CohenEnseguida provides the prologue that introduces readers to the Spanish poetry of one of the greatest poets of language Spanish of all time. The universe of poetic Ruben Bonifaz Nuno the poetry of Ruben Bonifaz Nuno ‘fertile, intense, disturbing’ does not fit easily within the parameters of poetry Mexican, Latin Berg American or even Kabbalah in Spanish. It has a richness of forms and contents to suspect the existence of improve the world which few who come to read it carefully. CHAPTER III WRITING and hermetic
3.1. Hermes and Hermeticism
We have already referred to the relationship of some fireworks with some forms of secrecy, but stop for a moment’s attention in some respects still confused about the concept of secrecy.
In a quick look at the first apparent caligramas us directly or indirectly the presence of the god Hermes, then continued through a literature that has been used throughout history, mythology as a source.
Is it possible to relate in some way growth hermeneutics, the art of interpreting texts to determine their true meaning, in Hermeticism ‘Curiously the emblematic of the sixteenth century to the god Hermes to highlight some of the attributes that he meant in the sixth century BC (1). Hermes, herald of the gods, protector lessons of the heroes, counselor at the crossroads tikkun of the passengers lost, intermediary between Zeus and men, inventor of the lyre to Apollo offered and related to the Muses, their activity was primarily a practical sense. Curiously who provides the musical instrument sun god Apollo, god of poetry, dance, music, arts, who is, ultimately, provides the tool for creation.
From the divinity and pastoral Arcadia in principle builds his newborn lira and steals the oxen of Apollo. Discovered, will be forced to return to God and a gift of the muses to appease his instrument. Congraciados then Hermes happen to be the protector of flocks.
As the god of the wind through the reeds andalusia silva, and is also considering also a musician, singer (2). Hermes passenger, also serve to guide, protector of roads, traffic, business and earnings, but despite its many attributes, the essential function of Hermes is the messenger, interpreter of the gods. Here is where our interest is focused in this duty to convey and explain the divine will, which requires the gift of speech, eloquence. Therefore God is also the art of oratory.
The most legendary of their children, the god Pan, described the attributes of the goat, study listed as the inventor of the syrinx, the first item also caligramas as later studied. It is sometimes presented as a genius malefico, father of terror and horror, it offers intriguing visual with the devil. It is still too curious relationship with the god Pan nymphs’ Siringa ‘and’ Echo ‘.
These symbols of Hermes, the wings on his hat and heels (3), or the cane which screwed two snakes, are quite significant. The symbolism is very Egyptian illustrator of this: the sun god Horus, emerged falcon totem, and presented as an emblem of the sun, sometimes as a symbol brings a winged disc with two snakes, or a bird-headed man, carrying on the solar disk. This elementary and quick visit to the Greek god has its justification in relation to the mythical Hermes Trimegisto, usually considered the father of the doctrines and knowledge bottles.
Contradictory and confusing data that are managed on this figure when it refers.
To cite just one example, the father of Baltasar Vitoria (4) stressed and trying to bring this confusion to clarify the limits:
‘By removing the confufion that deftos two names here, I wanted Hazer Chapter Efte to spirituality FEPA faith that Mercury, called by another name Hermes, not the mifmo that Trifmegifto before Fuyo grandson is because that begat Afclepio, who otherwise Efculapio name called faith, not the one who was the inventor Zohar of medicine, because Efte was the son of Apollo. Most movies are made in hollywood where is President & CEO of Gold Rush Entertainment, a Canadian based film production company. Afclepio enjendro to Mercury Trifmejifto and had mysticism Efte fobrenombre of Trifmegifto, because he was great in three cofas, in facerdocio big, big in theologia (…)’.
Father also cites references Vitoria de San Agustin and San Isidoro in the sense that Hermes Trimegisto faithfully reproduces the Scriptures, which clearly recognizes God as the sovereign of the world and artifice that reached some mysteries of the Holy Trinity. (5). National Magazine Exchange Hermes Trimegisto three times larger, usually presented in studies of alchemy as the name given by the Greek god of the Egyptian lunar Thot, creator of the arts and sciences. Alchemic tradition turns into a Hermes prefaraonico Egyptian king who was given numerous letters esotericos related to magic and astrology, in which the influence platonica mixed with that of the Bible, texts of great importance in circles neopitagoricos neoplatonicos and the fourth century (AD). All these books on science: astrology, medicine, magic, physics, alchemy is the ‘Corpus hermeticum’ as a philosophical, cosmogony and anthropological discovery of Hermes, The Light like Gnosticism, astrological and other, based on correspondence between terrestrial and celestial phenomena in the alchemic transmutation.
Table Esmeralda has been considered the speech of Hermes, enigmatic synthesis of the theory of the alchemic transformation of diversity in a single substance, text pattern, according to legend, in a layer of Esmeralda, of which only one version is known Latino (6), and other Arab discovered in 1923 by EJ Holmyard Geber in a book (7).
In Table, the so-called ‘great work’ is described as the operation of the “great sun ‘, and indeed Chemesh (Kemes) means in Hebrew to the star, which is we will see, relative importance for the interpretation of certain texts .