XScale Terminal

Portable terminals are used to collect data and item records even when on the street away from the data centers. An example is clear when we go to some store and see the seller taking an order at a portable terminal without resorting to pencil and paper. This type of terminals is known with the name of portable terminals. Why then use brand LXE portable terminals?, by that simply store a lot of information of all your company’s products, also you can store one or more catalogs query for facilitate us the work at the time of ordering in store. Nowadays there are a variety of brands and models of portable terminals, but we will talk about a brand in particular and one of their featured models. Mark wanted to highlight on this occasion for the portable terminals is the LXE brand, the rapid growth it has had in the market believe that it is most ideal for talking about it. The model which we want to highlight is HX2, by this model for the portable terminals and no other as well then detail its main features: this portable terminal can be tailored at the waist and wrist so that does not bother us when transporting it.

The screen that counts with this terminal is very resistant to the impacts for lasting durability. n. As this portable terminal excellent is that scanners of rings that have are as or more resistant than the own terminal. This portable terminal has with XScale processor and operating system Windows CE 5.0, in addition to being able to put Bluetooth as an option. With this terminal already are ready for business in the future. If you need to know more about this and other of our products, you can visit the full description of the portable HX2 terminal..