The probability of covering losses Material responsibility seriously reduced workers' legislation. In this connection, in case of damage to the actions of full-time IT employee the employer is not able to recover damages. When working within the framework of outsourcing company that provides maintenance services of computer equipment, provides guarantees in accordance with the concluded agreement to the subscriber's computer services. In the contract it is desirable to add the condition of rsikov insurance as a result of the actions causing damages to the customer of the company-outsourcer. Result service Unforeseen circumstances occur in the same company for so many, so staff do not own have the appropriate skills to address them. Outsourcing companies regularly need to solve difficult problems that occur in the operation of information appliances. Staff outsourcing company involved in the provision of IT services, continuously improve their professional skills, participate in various online forums and are always aware of the latest developments in information systems.

These circumstances may positively reflected at the level of services performed by IT outsourcers. Effective management of the business owner has, applying IT outsourcing, there is no need to expend time and effort to manage IT staff. Outsourcing company take these problems on themselves. Management Echelon gets more time to take the main direction of business enterprise. Independence in making decisions on retooling Own employee organizations may not be aware of modern advances in information technology. Moreover, the interest in upgrading an existing computer infrastructure for existing staff often low.

Need to put more mental effort while maintaining the existing level of wages low stimulant. So look at the effectiveness of in-house expertise is not always re objective, which may adversely affect the correctness of the decision. IT outsourcing firms are constantly monitoring the latest developments in computer systems. In this regard, the most modern information systems is an integral part of professional IT outsourcing. Speed of service in certain cases, their own IT staff can not cope with the problem because of its size. Financial expediency can not wait for these cases to hold a significant number of IT staff. In this situation, IT outsourcing is a great option. Outsourcing company in a position to allocate sufficient their staff for large-scale projects to build or upgrade a computer infrastructure in the specified period. And if there are problems with computers or software – for operational recovery of the system. Companies leading states are allocating huge sums on IT outsourcing – 50% of fund for spending on information technology. According to the estimates of analysts need to IT outsourcing services in the near future will be constantly rising in Russia. This is due to the modernization of Russian companies and a wide spread of information technologies, as well as high economic effectiveness of IT service subscriber.