Month: October 2017

More Photos

Types of formats of cameras. Under the format of the camera refers to the size of the film, which is photography. Small format camera. What is meant by the pocketbook camera, at first, probably by this concept can be represented by a small tsifrovichok, but it is not so, a small format means widespread cameras with the size of 24×36 mm film. Small format cameras are easy to maintain, good process automation shooting, all the innovations in photographic equipment are beginning to use it in a small-format cameras. Under medium format camera with a mean size of the film from 6h3sm and ending with a panoramic medium format camera 6×24 cm cumbersome and expensive to maintain, and at cost, to capture required a tripod, monitor number of captured images, to carry a lot of film, etc. Rio- Tinto Group often says this. Then why do we need all these sufferings, let us recall that surface area, but when you make the first print size 50×70 cm, then all at once become clear.

The format camera depends on the technical quality of images for a clearer picture of differences in picture quality let's see how increasing the technical shortcomings of the negative with increasing the magnitude of increases. If getting shot Format 13×18 cm negative medium format camera 6×9 cm in size should be increased only twice linearly or 4 times over the area, the camera negative pocketbook size 24×36 mm should be for it to increase linearly to 5 times, and area 25 times, ie all the technical shortcomings of the negative we will increase 25 times if, for example when shooting medium format camera lens will get us on a little speck of dust as thick as 0.5 mm, with a doubling of it becomes the value of 1 mm, and working with pocketbook camera mote will increase by 25 times, and as a result we have a spot in the 12.5 mm thick, and now think about other disabilities. Of course if you have no purpose to print image size 50×70 cm, then a medium format camera and you should not worry. Site lot of other useful information for More Photos.


The tyrant dies and his Kingdom ends. The martyr dies and his Kingdom begins. Soren Kierkegaard fortunately there are those in its transit have experienced situations, tests, have been bequeathed a learning that has helped them to grow and that given their relevance, scope, impact have made reflected in writing, often in the form of stories, anecdotes, poems which allow us to delve into its content and exploit it according to our interests. In this opportunity we have selected some that we believe provide us with flashes that are transformed into stimuli that promote our growth when we delve into your content. We have respected its sources and believe that something they will motivate the reader delve into what they enclose. It should not surprise us that is entered from the most deep mists of time being human creates, which explains little stories of pedagogical content: are the tales. The grandmother tells them and counted around a fire; children listen to them and the older. remind them, or simply are in a book and why there is not at present on the Internet in any web page that contains them.

In addition, said that fairy tales are not just for children; his teachings are also distributed among young people and adults. It is the case of the sufis stories e.g., paradoxical Court, which are offered at the same time as way of meditation, as a source of humor, or as an enigma that spin. Idries Shah gives us, the stories within psychotherapy as a friendly and support very malleable to bring psychological content and information to the patient in the form of experiences which can be reflected without feeling intimidated and find also parallel outputs to moments or current situations experienced by being currently used. They are in that sense catalysts or focal points that way mirrors can reflect us and return us a picture our psyche or current processes is living giving us look at where us new and fresh perspective and distance.

The Good

But you own a good product, but you offer something novel, innovating, fresh to the eyes of the consumers, possibly do not prosper. Yield: To count on an excellent work party, enabled and motivated by your ideas. ” A profitable commercial business ” Action 2 In this stage the income are generated and the yield takes advantage that you constructed in Action 1. In this step 3 areas exist that you must be useful to the maximum: systems and strategies to generate, conversions of sales, number of transactions. If you want that it grows beyond a small company you must assume this action of consistent way. ” A profitable commercial business that works ” Action 3 is Here where you must design the systems. To document your processes, to train to your equipment it implements so that them. In this stage, everything will depend on a solid base, an excellent system and by all means from a great equipment you will obtain a business that if it works.

” A profitable commercial business that works without m.” Action 4 So that the company works without you you need a great equipment and a leader who is to the front of your company. On a solid base everything will march without slips. Apparently the one is much work that you must realise. You do not forget that to be owner of business it is a great challenge, that you surpass if it, will fill to you of rewards. It looks for the growth and the good results, the opportunity of convertirte in a true owner of business implementing your ideas and enabling to others they develop so that them.