Month: November 2017

Yasinsky Determination

Plot of normal stresses. Rational forms of cross-sections of beams. Dissemination of the findings of pure bending in transverse bending. Tangential transverse stress (formula Zhuravskoye). Diagrams of shear stresses for beams rectangular and I-sections. The state of stress of the material beam under transverse bending. The estimated equation for the strength (in the normal, tangent and the principal stresses) Theme 8. Determination of Displacements in bending displacements in bending (deflection and angle of the section).

The relationship between deflection angle and the beam section. The analytical method for determining displacement. The differential equation of the curved axis of the beam, its first and second integrals. Determining the integration constants for beams with one site (from the condition of fastening of beams). Determination of the displacement beams with multiple sites. The method of adjustment of integration constants.

Method initial parameters. The energy method for determining displacement. The strain energy of the rod bending. Castigliano's theorem. Integral More. Be reschagina formula. The theorem of reciprocity and mutuality works movements. Topic 9. Please visit Rio- Tinto Group if you seek more information. Statically indeterminate systems Concepts. The degree of static indeterminacy. Methods of disclosure of static indeterminacy. Disclosure of statically indeterminate systems by force. Setpoint, the main and the equivalent system. Canonical equations of the force method. Statically indeterminate system under torsion. One and multi-statically indeterminate beams. The equation of three moments. Topic 10. Complicated resistance 10.1. Oblique bending loads, causing an oblique bending. Force factors in the cross sections of the beam. Determination of the normal stresses in the beam cross-sections. Determination of the neutral axis and the hot spots in section. Strength calculation. Determination of deflections. 10.2. Bending with tension or compression combined effect of longitudinal and transverse loads. Power factors in cross-sections. Determination of stresses using the principle of superposition. Strength calculation. Eccentric compression or tension rod high rigidity. Power factors in cross-sections. Determination of stresses. The equation of the neutral line. Interconnection between the coordinates of the force and position of the neutral line. Strength calculation. The core of the section. A theorem on a rectilinear movement of the pole forces (of the force) and the rotation of the neutral line. Building the kernel section (for a rectangle, circle, ring). 10.3. Bending with torsion. External loads causing bending and torsion. Convert the given system of forces. Power factors in cross-sections of the rod. Determination of stresses. The state of stress of the material of the shaft. The principal stresses and strength calculation. Topic 11. The stability of compressed rods (buckling) concepts about the forms of equilibrium. Stability of a compressed rod (buckling). Critical force. Euler's formula for determining the critical force. Influence of fixing the rod on the value of critical force. The general formula for determining the Euler critical compressive force. Critical stresses. Flexibility rod. The limits of applicability of Euler's formula. The full schedule of the critical stress. Formula Yasinsky. Calculation of the compressed bars with their flexibility. Reduction factor basic allowable stress. Estimated equation buckling of the rod. Selection section of the rod by successive approximations. Longitudinal and transverse bending. The peculiarity of the problem due to its nonlinearity. An approximate method of calculation. Determination of stresses.

Commercialize Products

Do you have a new product, but you don’t know where to begin your promotion? Video marketing, (Video marketing) might be what you need. This article discusses the marketing of video, its advantages and a brief guide on how to make a perfect video for any marketing campaign. There are many ways in which you can market your products and services. Among these methods, the most cost-effective medium is perhaps Internet. Through the Internet, you can upload with every possible marketing campaign.

Internet is so flexible and wide that with the right moves, you can help your company become more popular and more prominent. Having said that, let me introduce the latest trend and, possibly, the most effective of all strategies of online marketing: video marketing (Video marketing). Video Marketing the Video marketing could be the hottest trend nowadays in the field of marketing. Text marketing time has passed, instead, has time to show through video clips. If you’ve not yet familiar with video marketing, you don’t have no need in worrying.

The Internet provides a large amount of resources on how you can make your videos. You can learn all the tools you need to make videos and techniques that can make your work of videos for commercial purposes. The following are some tips on how you can make the work of video marketing for your business. 1 Determines where to publish your videos. First, you have to know where is going to publish your video marketing material. There are many options available, the first thing is to put your video on your website for more interesting content on the site. You can also send your video clips to blogs and online communities. Of course, you should not neglect to publish videos on sites like YouTube video. 2. Determine your video content. The first step is to determine the content of your Video material marketing. As a general rule, the videos must contain information to increase more interest in your business, products and services. However, the real and specific content will vary, depending on the place, done post your videos. For example, the videos on your website can be much more oriented towards a product or service in particular, which demonstrate the effectiveness of your product or service. The videos on your site can also be your customer testimonials. They can also be video clips on your promotions and special updates. The videos posted on blogs should be more about updates, news and special promotions, in order to inform your readers about the latest news and mislead your audience to click on the link to your site for more details. For sites of video blogs like YouTube, the video must be less product-oriented and more entertaining and creative. Your link to the web site may be supplied with the video and your products can be highlighted in them, but your videos should not ever be a simple sales pitch. That way your video will be never seen and republished. 3 Identify your audience. You must keep all the time your audience in mind. What age are your consumers? Who they are and where they come? The content of your video marketing materials also depends on largely as demographic characteristics of your recipients. After having done all the steps mentioned above, everything you do, they are your videos and publish them online.

Social Media

With 500 million users, Facebook is the social network with greater participation on the Internet and a site that tends to grow for days where, on average, there are nearly two million people interacting. Facebook is without doubt a must place for all those who are creating their own personal brand or doing business based on the relationship with other people. Although does not need prior experience but just a little common sense and we behave as we would do in any other social circle, to take advantage of this huge platform always have to learn some things. (A valuable related resource: Diamonds). Perhaps one of worst used tools of interaction on Facebook is the option of creating tags in the materials that we publish. Tags although very helpful, when they are used in excess or incorrectly can cause discomfort to users labeled only by getting expose content determined in its walls.

We have all been victims at some point in this not advisable using the option label. For example, when us label in business options that we do not solicit; or in photos or videos that have nothing to do with us. This practice harms relations which we intend to create because it involves people in acrtividades in which have no involvement, at the time that fall apart the illusion created when someone is referred to in a given context. The result of this erroneous practice and too often is the offense and a reaction that can move these people to lock us in its walls. A result that nobody wants in a circle of social contacts. In other cases, on the other hand, we do not seize this possibility when we can, to build valid relationships that is, finally, after all, the purpose of Social Media strategies.

I commented a personal experience: I have noticed that often my posts are shared on Facebook by a high number of people. On occasions they are published about 20 times, in another 30 and some post they have been shared nearly 40 times. However, only receive some few notifications that the post It was published as who share you are not tagging it. Not knowing who are sharing my content, I can simply not reciprocate the action, sharing the contents of these persons in turn, commenting on their walls or participating in their blogs. I.e., possible and justified relationship is frustrated by the lack of knowledge; something that would be resolved as simple mode with the option label. Tag to someone when we share content on Facebook is very simple, we only have that put the symbol @maselnombredelapersona (no spaces) in our window of status (where it usually says what are you thinking), at the end of the comment we make regarding the post. If the person labeling is on our list of friends, when we started to write the name, Facebook will suggest a list of names from which to choose. Example (imagine that this is the status box I suggest this excellent post by my friend @fulanadetal with this option, Faceboook will notify to the) a person that you’ve tagged in a publication, promoting the construction of relations of reciprocity with this. Finally I would like to thank all those who published my post and I have not known who they are.

Marketing Association Congress

The top event of the coupon industry Munich, 12.09.2012: Already for the third time the International takes place gift card & couponing Summit on 17 and 18 September in Wiesbaden. “Under the motto coupons, gift cards & coupons new solutions for customer acquisition and customer loyalty” discuss international experts on the latest developments of the voucher market in the United States and continental Europe. BONAGO is represented as (Platinum) partner, exhibitor and speaker at the event. Already the third year in a row meets the international voucher scene in Wiesbaden, Germany, to discuss current and future industry trends. Already, Congress has established itself as the leading event for voucher issues in Europe and attracts speakers from the United States to South Africa.

This year Thomas Meess von Apple and Thomas Vollbrecht by GALERIA occur as experts of voucher and conferences including Kaufhof in Wiesbaden, Germany as the top speaker. He has become international gift card & couponing Summit in the last few years the industry event of in Germany. For 2012 could we many national and international traders as speakers win, at the Congress in their everyday practice report. “, explains Mark Gregg, CEO of BONAGO and initiator and co producer of the Congress. As a central topic field gift vouchers international voucher concepts in focus and key success factors derived from them for the European market can be stand on the first day of the Congress in addition to the mega-trend.

On the second day of the event called deal platforms revolves around next to couponing campaigns. BONAGO, co-organizer of the Congress, for three years is the coupon expert in German-speaking countries and will present together with Dr. Tillmann Hamid by Hubert Burda the Subscriber advantage world called Talliando media. Talliando offers first class offers vouchers members of a closed user group. Parallel to the international gift card & couponing Summit finds the incentives & cards 2012 exhibition “instead. It is the information and business platform for innovative solutions in the field of poison Cards, coupons, mobile & social couponing and prepaid concepts. Also, the incentive Marketing Association in the port held a members meeting with an accompanying technical symposium on the second day of the Congress. Detailed information about the Congress under: BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media, is the expert in the use of vouchers, rewards and incentives. BONAGO sells and developed vouchers marketing, sales, and employees to improve incentives for the applications and offers a neutral and cross-industry B2B consulting to its customers. The product portfolio includes certificates in the areas of shopping, refueling, cinema and experiences, as well as consumer incentives. Contact: BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH Maria Pickrahn Bajuwarenring 14 82041 Oberhaching near Munich phone: + 49 89 622 33 77 51 fax: + 49 89 622 33 77 99 E-Mail: Web site:

Napoleon Bonaparte

Soichiro Honda was born in 1906 in Japan, since his more early childhood, engines exerted a mysterious fascination, spent hours crouched watching rice grinding machines. At school the young Honda is revealed bad student getting bad grades, is toward on the back in the classroom to think always in machines, motors and bicycles, at age 8 built, only a first bike. His father schedule it positively, by constantly repeating it: when you’re big, you’ll be a famous and powerful man as Napoleon Bonaparte the young Soichiro honda, not slow to find points in common, between his hero and, because both were low in stature and its origins were modest, and both were born in an island. 1st decision that made him rich: Honda left his home at the age of 15, to work as an apprentice mechanic for the Hart Tokyo Shokai company, his father would cost a little OK to abandon their studies to leave for the capital. The young apprentice not slow in demonstrate a gifted mechanic. (Similarly see: RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust ). A suspicious noise or a loss of oil escaped him. I spend six years of his life to deepen their knowledge of mechanics.

2nd Decision that made him rich: assemble your completely own business. Jeffrey Hayzlett describes an additional similar source. For this reason he decided to break with their pattern of Tokyo to found his own company, and amount your own factory Pistons that seemed to offer interesting possibilities. In his first adventure of business failure and fell ill. After 2 months of convalescence, he returned to the charge, determined to overcome the problem of their Pistons. Decision 3rd that made him rich: I agree to return to the classroom, she enrolled in the University in order to study engineering every morning. Every morning I attended class and as soon as they finished classes, returned hastily to the workshop, trying to put into practice what they had learned.

Trade Marketing Department

Greetings dear readers. I imagine that after reading the title of this article already there are some drawing their own conclusions, and I myself have definitely mine. Today are already few entrepreneurs and business managers in consumer markets that do not understand the need for the development of a Trade Marketing Department. However, these cases exist. I’m going to approach this topic from my own point of view and I hope that then every who make their own conclusion. The Hayzlett Group has plenty of information regarding this issue. The belief that a Trade Marketing Department is not yet so necessary occurs especially in companies that have had success with traditional business models in which emphasizes much more efforts purely sales even with little interest in marketing to the consumer.

These companies have been able to increase their sales with little investment in market research. Not to mention Chain Management or management of categories. Personally I applaud those companies that so far have failed to sustain that success and today companies market leaders owning brands strongly rooted in the minds of its consumers. However, this reality is changing extremely fast and I think that will take them by surprise especially since the side of their clients, the retailer channel or Retailers. These retailers or Retailers today are giving counts that possess the power to influence the Shoppers who visit them and are taking the maximum advantage to its gondola giving best spaces to those products that offer better advantages and benefits at the time that offer more value to their consumers and Shoppers. These Retailers are those who are striving to today offer good quality products with their own brands. They don’t care that these manufacturers have been so successful or that their brands are market leaders. They have realized that consumers (which every day are better educated) they protect their pockets and are not willing to pay more when you can get comparable quality products of own brands.