Month: July 2020

Productive Sectors

The pointer of the alert relative participation for processes of redirecionamento of the productive structure for neighboring cities, generating known effect as overflows, where the mobility of tangible productive factors occurs in such a way as intangible, however fits to observe for the experience of the state of Par, that these reduced effect beyond, when they had occurred had not been planned and combined with the growth of a infrastructure of services and equipment that culminated in the increase of the welfare state, what it was observed had been a reduction of the income average of the cities and processes of transference of income for sectors as of services. The changes identified in the relative participation certify for a significant fall in the value added of the farming one for the analyzed years, when if it observes a participation of 11,01% in the year of 1999 and a reduction for 7,68% in 2008, this sector did not present fall since 2004, and its reduction can be attributed the rise in the price of some insumos that had culminated in the reduction of the agricultural production, between which, the culture of cereals for grains, citric fruits, swine creation and fish, the culture of the soy, among others activities. However, this behavior was folloied by an expressive increase of the added value of the segment of the industry having indicated a rise of the process of industrialization in the State, mainly associate to the attendance of external demand, that is, the rise of the exportations saw contracts raised the production of the activities of not-ferrous metal Metallurgy, steel Manufacture and derivatives, Cellulose and products of paper (figure-2). For more information see Rio Tinto Group. Figure 2? Evolution of the Relative Participation of the Added Value of the Productive Sectors, 1999-2003-2008. Elaboration: IDESP? Management of Studies and Socioeconmicas Research (2010) the rise of the industrial processing also extended on sectors to the regional urban retail and national, where if it detaches the activities of leather Devices and footwear, It would perfume, diverse hygiene and cleanness, Products and chemical chemical preparations and Foods and Drinks, Processing, preservation and production of conserves of fruits, the vegetal oil refining, among others products that not yet had tried in the State a stage of industrial processing. .

Lose Weight Quickly

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Western Rhodes

In the 4th century BC Antique Rhodes reached its highest point its peak. Advantage of the weakening of Egypt, Rhodes took the lead in trade. In addition, the islanders have actively fought against the pirates, thus earning the universal respect. The economic recovery of the island led to the flourishing of arts and sciences. Island visited by artists and philosophers, and Rhodes was one of the most important cultural centers in the eastern Mediterranean region. The power of Rhodes ended with the advent of the Greek world of Rome. Rhodians and then tried to preserve their neutrality and to maintain friendly relations with the Romans.

However benevolent the position taken by the inhabitants of Rhodes in relation to Macedonian king Perseus in the war between Rome and Macedonia, was the reason that Rome made his kick and Rhodes. Not military, but economic. In 166 BC Romans announced another Greek island of Delos a free trade zone. This fact had disastrous consequences for the welfare of Rhodes. And in 42 BC during the civil wars of Rome, Cassius finally conquered the island, since the inhabitants of Rhodes did not want to help him against his opponents. Cassius plundered the island. He took from his fleet of Rhodes, plundered churches, and many people sold into slavery. Click Nikesh Arora for additional related pages.

In 279 the Roman emperor Diocletian Rhodes combined with other islands of the Aegean Sea and made the city the capital of This new province. After the partition of the Roman Empire into Eastern and Western parts, Rhodes went into the Byzantine Empire. For ages 5 and 6, Rhodes repeatedly subjected to invasions by the enemies of Byzantium and the significant destruction. In 620 Rhodes was robbed the king of the Persians Khusraw II, and in 653 the Arabs of Moab, which are dismantled for parts and removed the remains of the Colossus.