Cape San Antonio

The largest island of the Cuban archipelago is only in popular speech. When you need more details are specified in the Isle of Youth or the rest of the archipelago. Let's turn to make a brief presentation of each of the islands and then details about them, always taking as reference the main island of Cuba. On the north coast islands are located in Los Colorados and the Sabana-Camaguey, the west first and the second toward the central portion. On the south coast towards the eastern central part, is the Queen's Gardens, while to the area is located southwest of Canarreos. The latter is the more important because it is the second most important island of Cuba, the Isle of Youth, formerly known as Isla de Pinos.

Perform a circumnavigation (journey) for the entire coastline of our country, from west to east. First on the north coast and then in the south. Archipelago de Los Colorados. It is located on the first section of the north coast of Cuba. Also called Guaniguanico and Santa Isabel. It is located west of Cuba, covering the northwest coast of the province. It is the smallest, the least important and least extensive of the four Cuban archipelago, with no more than 80 keys. It is necessary to clarify that only the Caribbean small islands are called keys. This archipelago is not a compact group, but its keys are divided into two subgroups: one to the west, near Cape San Antonio (the westernmost point of Cuba) and known as Keys Firewood, while the remainder is a contiguous string of keys near the shore, visible from their small mangrove forests.