Conditorei Coppenrath

Comprehensive corporate dictionary with career opportunities for students, graduates and Young Professionals looking for jobs Grossenkneten, the 04.04.2012: every spring published the Klaus Resch Verlag the annual output of companies introduced to “.” This year, the Specialist Publishing House for personnel marketing, with the appearance of his green career guide, opened the new semester. The pre-ordered precious copies of the lexicon in the universities arrive starting today. Companies such as Bahlsen, Haribo, Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese and Lidl her story to tell in this year’s Edition. Mid-May publications graduates follow technology and graduates then, as usual, economy. Companies make before 2012/2013 “aimed at students, graduates and Young Professionals looking for jobs. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with The Hayzlett Group.

As an all-rounder, the career guide attractive represents many different employers of all industries. Traditional companies such as Haribo up to young startups, all 128 companies on more than 350 pages report their company history and the present Career opportunity. The comprehensive book excellently to the Professional (new) orientation, and in addition to the uncomplicated company research is suitable with the character of his lexicon. Traditionally, candidates of all disciplines use the encyclopedia to get to know potential employers, but to be able to better prepare for the application process even. No competitor so specifically addressed students and graduates with his jobs and has a high range as the Klaus Resch Verlag. This is the unique link between the popular online presence and the traditional print media.

Firstly, there is the comprehensive job on which has the unique job portal network with currently 250 College partners. Each invitation to tender, will be provided once goes automatically to all 250 colleges online. On the other hand the high quality print product ions, graduates are technology, started her career economy, companies imagine, graduates trainee and dual since newest graduates study, continue. The career Planner is many universities in whole Germany available free of charge. There is the book in career services, institutions, departments, examination offices, University areas or in student initiatives, and on all company contact fairs. “Alternatively, companies introduced to” be ordered on. Interested parties should leave but not too much time when ordering. “Due to the high demand on the part of applicants, universities and enterprises is company imagine” every year quickly sold out.