Consulting Market In The Growth

entero AG invests in locations and staff the German consultants boosted industry sales grew 6.9 percent 2010 and are optimistic according to the Federal Association of German management consultants (BDU) for the current year. The medium-sized consultancy entero AG is fully in line with the trend: new projects and high utilization of consultants require appropriate investments in staff and infrastructure. So, two new sites were opened in the last six months alone. Fort Malakoff, one of the most modern office and business centres in the financial and media capital Mainz, is now Managing Director of the new seat of entero AG. Also, we opened a new sales office at the gates of Stuttgart.

The good transport connections constantly ensures close and personal collaboration with the headquarters in Eschborn near Frankfurt, as well as the Office in Munich. The growth is reflected in the targeted expansion of the staff team. Already in the first months of the new year were several qualified graduates as well as two experienced SAP consultants for the company are won. “We are looking for more employees”, says Board Member Henning Heesch, which wants to double the number of employees in the company in the next five years. The entero AG relies on new entrants and experienced consultant to the same extent. “Like new employees can be more than ten years in the profession, so Henning Heesch, whose Belegschaft has an average age of 38 years.” Establishing consistent and the continuous development of the consultant skills required for the sustainable success of the company is dependent on the level of experience. Under the keyword “Talent Management”, a fully developed concept with regular internal audits and training in the basic skills of a successful consultant entero offers its employees: communication, presentation, presentation and project management. Also BDU President Antonio Schnieder argues in the same direction: “is to find good advisers and to develop the ultimate Success factor for the industry as a whole. Who runs the Smarter talent management, is winning in the competition”. Contact: Peer Andres head of communication-entero AG phone: + 49 6196 77125 800 E-Mail: